Police patrol car.
A married couple in New York City has been accused of operating a sex-trafficking ring.JANIFEST/Getty Images
  • A New Orleans officer was suspended after a bystander said he didn't do anything when he saw a woman being attacked.

  • The officer didn't move when the woman told him, according to the bystander.

  • She said in the call that he was parked here.

A New Orleans officer has been suspended after being accused of failing to respond to the rape of an unconscious woman near his car.

In the audio of a call for help obtained by Nola.com, a bystander can be heard saying that she saw an officer who could respond to the scene sooner.

The woman said there was a cop in front of her. She told the officer that a woman was being raped and that she was going to call the police.

The officer did not reply.

The police officer is immobile. The woman said that he was parked here.

A bystander tried to stop the attacker from attacking the officer.

The woman shared her experience in a series of posts.

The woman asked the New Orleans Mayor if she knew that police turn a blind eye to active rapes and allow the perpetrators to get away with it.

—Cuter Looter (@IndianaCoco) July 27, 2022

The officer is employed by the court. Nola.com reports that he has been suspended from his job without pay.

WWL-TV reported that law enforcement officers in New Orleans are fully trained. They carry a gun and have the power to make arrests.

The officer was off duty when the woman approached him. He had previously provided security for a movie being filmed.

"This is not in character with the majority of people in law enforcement, and that includes the NOPD," said the officer's supervisor, who asked not to be named. We are shocked that anyone could have that kind of complaint.

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