Sometimes we wind up a little off topic in our internal conversations. Video games are discussed. We don't like reality television. Sports, pets, and our families are some of the topics we discuss. We discuss music.

Our team has as diverse a group as possible. Taylor Swift is one of the most common points of similarity. Tech news is often prepared by a Swiftie. It could be more often than not.

Which Taylor song is the best? We decided to make our case in public after we realized how many of us had opinions. There are arguments written in three-views style about which Taylor Swift song is the best.

If you don't agree with at least one of us, we'll think you're wrong.

Alex Wilhelm: Wildest Dreams

My Taylor Swift fandom is indicative of her universal nature. I'm counting on new records from In Flames, Lorna Shore, and other heavy metal bands that will be hard to find in this article. Musical tastes are personal. We share our passion for Swift's singing and writing despite our different musical preferences.

The point of the universality is not just about her musical type being accepted by everyone. It deepens.

Watching Taylor grow up is what listening to her album is for. Her transition from youth to young adult to 30-something has been my own, as she and I are within half a year of each other. As we can see from her older and younger fans, the same life progression is familiar to them even though they are different ages.

What is that? It's lyrics in essence. Taylor's songs begin in the realm of youthful insecurity, progress into an era of confidence, and finally end up in the pandemic era, when she managed to make.

Yep, that's right. There are a lot of great tunes inside those albums. Which is the one I like the most? You might think that "The Last Great American Dynasty" would be my go-to because of my Rhode Island heritage. It is a great tune but not my favorite.

The best Taylor Swift song is "Wildest Dreams" What's the reason? The ideal of Taylor's mix of melancholy, melody, and optimism is that it blends her eras, her growing up, really, into a single, perfect, song. It is the correct song to cite as her best because of the amount of what Taylor does in less than four minutes.

Thanks so much. Continue to write.

Dominic-Madori Davis: State of Grace (Taylor’s Version)

One of the first vinyls I ever purchased was Taylor Swift's "Red." Something about that album made me feel angry, confused, and hopeful when I was in high school. I didn't consider myself a Swiftie growing up, but her music was the soundtrack for my life and I still listen to it today.

The familiarity of life left me longing for something only that tune could touch as I listened to "Seven" over and over again last year.

There was the salt air and the Long Pond sessions. The lyrics of "This Love" from "1989" and "New Year's Eve" from "Reputation" are some of the best. Who hasn't screamed the chorus of "Cruel Summer" at least once in their heads, in their cars, with their friends? I remember the first song I put on when I realized my crush had a girlfriend was "Cowboy Like Me".

I remember the early Taylor days when I was spinning around in my bedroom listening to songs like "Enchanted" or looking out the window as my mother drove me home from school. When I first heard the song on the radio, it was tears on my guitar. My mom had a child in the back of her car.

I feel like a child again when Taylor re-releases her albums, even though I am an adult, because I don't know what that hit single would lead to.

No matter what Taylor does, I always return to "Red." It reminds me of when I went to school in Los Angeles and met Hollywood. I was new to town and was surrounded by people looking for fame and fortune. I wrote an essay about the times of intense passion and sometimes unrequited love. I think it is obvious that the first song I put on at midnight was from the album.

It is difficult to choose what Taylor's best song is. Some of her best lyrics can be found on the album "Red." Have you ever tried to break a promise by calling someone up again?

When that album came out, I was young. I don't know what her best work is, but I can say that the acoustic version of "State of Grace" matched with the stadium version hits the tense two-sided coin that is the uncertain lust of one's 20s. I will have to go with the one I am currently in.

Amanda Silberling: All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)

I wouldn't call myself a Swiftie, mostly because when I was most primed for Taylor Swift, I was trying to make everyone think I was cool by listening to the Velvet Underground. Taylor Swift is obsessed with the number 13, her fans should stop harassing journalists for writing an 8/10 album review, and she gets a lot of flack for being a woman who dates people and writes about it.

Every time a new Taylor's Version came out, I wanted to know what the discussion was about. The Swiftie discourse was always louder when the 10-minute version of "All Too Well" was released. Do you think it will take ten minutes? What is this progressive metal song?

If I can be entertained by an artist that I am not obsessed with for 10 minutes, I will be happy.

I didn't know that Taylor Swift had dated Jake Gyllenhaal until the song came out, she's re-recording music that Scooter Braun is holding hostage, so get over yourself. That's right. In the name of being honest, you called me up again. Taylor Swift is good at writing. My high school crush told me that he wouldn't date me because I wasn't mentally healthy. He was correct but did he have to say that? I envy you if you don't return to your failed attempts at teenage romance if "casually cruel in the name of being honest" doesn't yank you straight back to your failed attempts at teenage romance

My internet friend Giovanni sent me a song called T Swift is good, actually, which he just always has, because when Taylor's version of "All Too Well" dropped, I probably sent something about how I never knew the original version, but then he sent me a song called "

He convinced me.

Anita Ramaswamy: Blank Space

My own adolescence was defined by music that was different from Taylor Swift's. I found solace in sitting in the back row of my class and listening to My Chemical Romance, even though it was not cool to use both at the same time. Swift was a blonde who didn't make me feel like a gangly, outspoken Indian high schooler. I would like to be left alone.

Swift saw me, piercing through my soul, laying it bare. She destroyed a classic car with a golf club in the video for her song "Blank Space". Swift's transformation from a perfect pop princess into a real person was marked by this moment.

Swift was doing it all on her own terms and didn't want to be put in a box. After years of having her narrative defined by what other people said about her, Swift was getting loud and wild and signaling to the world that she was going to do what she wanted to do. Wanting to be seen as she is and in the process seeing me.

Annie Saunders: They’re all the best and if you wanna fight about it we meet in the park at dawn

I just got out of a 10-year marriage and have been listening to a lot of Taylor Swift. Don't stop Taylor Swift. There is a wall of TaylorSwift.

"We are never ever getting back together" and "I know you were troubled" were definitely contender. They have been on repeat for a long time. My 4-year-old son knows all the words to at least a dozen Taylor Swift songs; at the moment, he sings "Wildest Dreams" till he falls asleep.

I didn't listen to Swift for a good chunk of my late 20s and early 30s, and it's only now with the context of the epidemic, 15 years in the workforce, a divorce, a child, Trump, #meToo.

This is difficult. She has a lot of songs that make me feel good. Do you remember all the times you were gaslit? What do you think about the man? I wonder if I would be able to get there quicker if I were a man. It is a must listen before a salary negotiation. She wrote "long story short" for me.

I can't do it, I can't choose Her entireoeuvre is celebrated by me. It's all good. I want to fight about it because I listen to a lot of Taylor Swift.