According to The Wall Street Journal, YouTube is working on an online store where you can buy subscription services. According to reports, the video streaming platform has been working on a channel store for at least 18 months and is currently in talks with potential partners. If you subscribe to the $65-a-month streaming TV service, you can add access to additional services. People will be able to purchase a la carte streaming services from the upcoming store.

The Journal says that since viewers can watch trailers for free on its website or app, it's a great way for companies to market their services. The earnings of partner companies will be shared with the video platform. The publication says that YouTube is talking about how to split subscription revenues with their partners.

More streaming services are open to the idea of teaming up, even if it means sharing revenue with partners. A better experience for users is created by bundling streaming services with other players. It makes subscribers less likely to cancel by putting providers' offering in front of more people. The app is already widely used and could be used to manage multiple subscriptions. For streaming providers, making their services more readily and easily available could help them survive what analysts believe is going to be a tough year with a lot of users leaving.

Though it has yet to confirm that the project exists and that it is already having talks with potential partners, it is believed that the channel store could launch as soon as fall this year.