Photograph of Flavia Hagan and her son looking sad.
Flavia Hagan said it will be difficult to get a replacement passport and Green Card for her son.Flavia Hagan
  • Flavia said American didn't return her son's passport and green card after he traveled.

  • The documents weren't in his bag after his flights.

  • The American told her it had a passport and a green card, but they couldn't find them.

The mother of an 11-year-old who was traveling alone said that American Airlines lost her son's passport and green card as he traveled home to Austin.

When she checked his bag, she realized that the passport and Green Card hadn't been returned.

Her son had to fly to Brazil three times to get back to Austin.

Issues relating to the airline's minor programme have arisen over the summer. American canceled a 10-year-old's flight but didn't tell her family. It's a terrible situation to be in. A flight attendant took the documents, including the boarding pass, from her son while he was being escorted through immigration at Austin, but didn't return them after.

She submitted a lost item report when she couldn't speak to anyone.

The documents were not in the customer service agent's possession.

If her father's condition gets worse, her son won't be able to return because he doesn't have the documents. She will have to deal with immigration in order to get a replacement green card. It will be difficult for her to get authorization from her son's father to get a new passport.

He will need to hire a lawyer and wait a long time to get his passport.

In a message seen by Insider, American said it was doing everything it could to recover lost items. It didn't offer to cover the cost of a replacement passport.

American Airlines didn't reply to the request for comment.

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