People on the ground in the event of a medical emergency are consulted by the airlines. They can advise on whether the flight should be diverted to the nearest airport.

In the event of a passenger falling ill, the crew will often ask if anyone on the plane has medical experience. A knowledgeable doctor on board can save lives.

This story shows that not everyone who volunteers in an emergency is qualified. A woman responded to a medical situation on a flight on Thursday by asking crew to allow her to perform acupuncture and administer essential oils, but when they declined she went to the traveling companions of the passenger in distress to offer her services.

Btw when I said no she continued to go around and ask everyone traveling with this woman if she could get permission to do it.

— Raychel Armstrong (@twuraychel) August 12, 2022

The crew of this flight were able to say no. Six years ago, Delta Air Lines decided to stop asking for medical credentials after a flight attendant refused to believe that a black passenger was a doctor. The same thing happened again two years later with a member of the faculty of Harvard Medical School.

Ellen Church was the first woman to work as a flight attendant. For half a dozen years, she was a registered nurse and this became a requirement at US airlines. Most of the time, aircraft are not the same ride that they were back then. We have to hope that the doctor we get is a real one.

American Airlines gives travel vouchers to doctors who help out. I might be willing to respond to the next emergency if I had stayed at a Holiday Inn Express the night before.

The flight crew of the American Airlines Los Angeles to New York JFK flight named one of Johnny Depp's lawyers "Wonder Woman" after she helped out during a medical emergency.

"Passengers" is a movie.

A flight from Houston to Minneapolis was diverted due to a medical issue. A man fell into a coma on the plane. One woman launched a threatening and profanity-laden rant after landing. Things got worse.

There is a commentary in this.

southwest plane

A passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight complained to the crew about another passenger having an animal on the plane. She said she had an allergy. She refused to leave the plane despite being kicked off the flight. Southwest made a customer angry.

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