Crab cake lunches aren't enough to make employees feel better at work. Insider reports that workers have grown increasingly alarmed at the new mandate that they actually do work after the announcement that the company has extended a two week hiring freeze.

Google has a reputation for being a generous employer. A worker told Insider that the Silicon Valley giant has undergone a "real vibe shift" recently. It appears that the new vibe is very uneasy.

The communication has been rude and it is threatening people to make sure we hit numbers.

Goblin Mode

Workers are being pushed to increase productivity. In an all-hands meeting a few weeks ago, after disappointing quarterly earnings were announced, the CEO told employees that their productivity is not where it needs to be for the head count.

Performance ratings could be used to inform any pending layoffs, according to the people who work for the company. There will be blood on the streets if next quarter sales don't look up, that's according to a manager who was shown a screen shot by Insider.

Bad Vibes Everywhere

There are other tech players that have slowed or even stopped hiring. Similar moves have been made by Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft, as well as by Musk'sTesla. The productivity-forward, mildly threatening vibe shift seems industry-wide according to a July speech from a very angry Mark.

The message seems to have been heard by the people who use the internet.

One contractor told Insider that volume has increased and the workday has become more busy with how rough things have been. There are no additions, but I have not heard of reductions.

The hiring freeze was quietly extended as employees saw a "real vibe change" Roles not getting back filled are feared by employees. TheInsider

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