Deshaun Watson, preseason starter

The ClevelandBrowns have embarrassed their fans for going on for over twenty years. Most of the reason the Dawg Pound has been shrouded in masks made of paper bags and jerseys is that they list dozens of failed starting quarterbacks as if they were dead. The franchise has had a few off-field humiliations in its second go-round as an NFL franchise but they haven't had a patron saint of the problematic. The Browns were a proud team.

There is no Ray Rice, Ben Roethlisberger, or any other player hanging over the team. Josh Gordon had a few substance-abuse problems, but addiction issues are insignificant compared to the accusations leveled at Deshaun Watson.

More than 20 massage therapists have filed civil suits against the quarterback. The league appealed the six-game ban, fine-free sentence handed down by the league's discipline officer, judge Sue L. Robinson. The punishment was as bad as the hand towel that was worn to his appointments by the commissioner.

If you have done something vile, then you must be guilty. It sounds like the league is done allowing him to dictate the conditions of his penalty after his camp accepted an eight-game ban and $5 million fine. The terms of the deal are still being worked out, and the Browns are operating like they don't know what's going on.

You don't want to see what you paid for when you trade valuable assets for a quarterback and then sign him to the richest deal in football history. Regardless of the impending suspension, the fan backlash, and the general uneasiness that should be growing in Haslam's conscience, we're going to see that part of his brain develop before he plays a game. All of the accusations against him have been denied by him.

Is anyone outside of Cleveland positive about this look? It's not about the image of the Cleveland team. They spent a lot of money to bring Mr. Problematic to town and now have to pretend to be on his side if they don't.

Some fans think that loyalty to the team is more important than anything else. Some of those supporters have the ethical compass of a sociopath, a few impressionable idiots still toe line of ownership, and then there are the kids.

I remember when LawrencePhillips was drafted by the Rams. I was excited but my dad wasn't as excited as I was. I didn't know much about domestic violence when I was 10. All I knew aboutPhillips was what I saw on TV, and he was just as good as any running back I had ever seen.

I don't fault my father for not filling in his son about the horrible details ofPhillips dragging a coed down flights of stairs by her hair, I'm not going to blame any parent who doesn't want her to be the jumping off point

I think of Helen Lovejoy from The Simpsons when I hear the phrase "won't somebody think of the children". I'm so angry with Cleveland fans and front office execs that I don't even have a moral standing. What mounds of evidence have not done is appeal to their parents.

I don't want my child to look up to any of those guys. It is difficult to impart knowledge from losing, but it is much easier to learn from the DeshaunWatson situation.