Serena Williams said on Tuesday that she is taking a break from tennis to focus on her family and career. In an essay she wrote for Vogue, Williams said she was pregnant.

Williams is the highest earning female tennis player of all time. He has been a venture capitalist for several years.

William's started her venture firm back in the year 2004. According to the press release, Williams and her partner invested in over 60 companies. The firm's investments have ranged from financial tech companies like Propel to ed tech companies like MasterClass.

The initial fund of $111 million was raised from banks, high net worth individuals, and family offices. Williams told Dealbook at the time that the fund would invest in people with different viewpoints.

Williams said that she is "evolving away from tennis." She's ready to take her career to the next level.

Williams talks about her motivation to be an investor. She was at a conference organized by JP Morgan Chase. The CEO of Clear was a speaker at the conference. Less than 2% of venture capital money was invested in women, according to Caryn. Williams thought Caryn missed the point. Williams asked Caryn if the figure was true after the conference.

Williams wrote that he understood that someone who looked like him needed to start writing large checks.

More than half of the companies in the current portfolio are founded by women. The majority of the firm's investments are founded by people fromunderrepresented groups. Almost half of investments have black and Latino founders. By a long shot, the firm's numbers are better than the national ones. A study shows that a small amount of venture capital funding goes to black founders. Latino founders received a small amount of funding, according to a study.

Serena was the lead investor in the seed round of the company. In January, the firm participated in a $7 million Series A round raised by the company. One of the first black-owned tech unicorns was Esusu, which the firm is an investor in. Stillman tells Insider that the Serena Venture portfolio has 20 startup.