Everyone has been watching this week. Hmm, huh?

Each week, the most streamed TV shows and movies come down to a few things, including sheer buzz, a big finale, smart marketing, star power, and being a word-of-mouth phenomenon that leads people to finally watch it out of spite. To get a sense of what everyone is watching, we've used data from streaming aggregation Reelgood, which gathers those coveted viewership numbers from hundreds of streaming services in the U.S.

For the first time, we can say that everyone is watching Prey. You should watch it as well. The prequel to the movie, The Predator, was the top-selling show on the streaming service.

A lot of people are watching, but that doesn't mean it's good. Here are the 10 most streamed TV shows and movies of the week, as well as where to watch them.

1. Prey

A young woman warrior is in mid-fight in a forest with her horse.

Naru: A new action hero for the ages. Credit: Hulu

The buzziest film of the week is Dan Trachtenberg's directorial debut. In 1719, Naru is a skilled warrior and hunter who is in danger of being attacked by an alien. She wants to confront it in a fight.

Prey deserves the hype that comes with a large audience because of its compelling characters and engaging story. It's a crime that it isn't getting a theatrical release, but do not think that it's a case of a studio dumping a mediocre film for streaming.

Prey (opens in a new tab) is available in the US and the UK.

2. The Sandman

A man stands at a gate at the end of a tunnel with a raven.

Dream a little dream of Dream. Credit: Netflix

It is one of the most anticipated shows of the year. Morpheus, the Dream King is the main focus of the 10-episode comic adaptation from Allan Heinberg. Terrible things begin to happen in both our world and realm of fantasy when Morpheus is captured.

We'll get to meet a lot of weird and wonderful characters, from Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death, to Gwendoline Christie as datememe datememe, to Johanna Constantine, to Asim Chaudhry, to Sanjeev.

We thought that if you've been dreaming of a perfect onscreen version of The Sandman, you're going to have to work harder. There are moments of excellence in the take on the brilliant comic book series, but it also suffers from inconsistent pacing and large amounts of exposition.

The Sandman is now streaming on the internet.

3. Better Call Saul

A woman in a suit leans on her car in the desert.

Kim Wexler 4eva Credit: Greg Lewis / AMC / Sony Pictures Television

The sixth and final season of Better Call Saul will air in August. People are streaming it out before that happens. Bob Odenkirk takes on the role of Albuquerque lawyer Jimmy McGill, joined by the ever-talented Rhea Seehorn, Giancarlo Esposito, and Jonathan Banks as the rest of the cast. You will have to watch to find out how he gets to meet Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

The stakes are high for several key players. Reputations, relationships, and lives are on the line, and mounting tension in the first two episodes exposes seldom-seen sides of characters we thought we knew.

Better Call Saul (opens in a new tab) is now available on AMC+ and on the internet.

4. Black Bird

A man in a polo shirt walks through a prison.

Doing time. Credit: Apple TV+

In Black Bird, Taron Egerton plays a prisoner who is doing deals for information. Jimmy is the son of a cop and a high school football champ who is sentenced to 10 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. He can go undercover and befriend Larry Hall in order to get a confession. It will be more complicated than Jimmy is prepared for.

Black Bird is now available on Apple TV+.

5. Thirteen Lives

A group of divers with headlamps stand with a small boy in a cave.

The rescue that captivated the world. Credit: Amazon Studios

It seems like a long time ago when the world was waiting for news of a group of boys and their coach who were trapped in a cave in Thailand. The world was riveted by the rescue mission to bring them all back alive.

There is an excellent documentary about it from E. Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin, but Ron Howard takes it into motion picture territory with Thirteen Lives. The cave divers are played by Viggo Mortensen, Colin Farrell, andJoel Edgerton.

Thirteen Lives is now available on Prime Video.

6. Uncharted

Two people in a cave with a flashlight look at each other smiling.

Huntin' for treasure. Credit: Sony Pictures

The movie starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake from the game series "Uncharted" has finally arrived on the streaming service. The movie is about Drake's friendship with Sullivan. They're on the hunt for an ancient artifact, but they're not the only one: they'll need to outrun master schemer Santiago Moncada, ruthless mercenary Braddock, and treasure hunter Sophia.

We thought it was easy to be skeptical of a video game movie adaptation. The game is okay. It's not perfect, but it's a great time with Tom Holland.

In a new tab, you can find a description of the movie "Uncharted."

7. Only Murders in the Building

Two people in sweaters hold a piece of evidence (a bloody matchbook) up to the light.

A clue! A very bloody clue! Credit: Hulu

At the end of the first season of Only Murders in the Building, there was a whole new mystery at the Arconia, and in the second season, things didn't go as planned.

Martin Short, Steve Martin, and Selena Gomez are back as a trio of true crime fans who become entangled in each other's lives after murder becomes afoot in the building. In the second season, Cara Delevingne and Amy Schumer join the cast. There are some big questions about who is glitter guy. Everyone always wears sweaters.

The second season of Only Murders feels worse than the first. We're learning more about the OMITB hosts, as well as learning about their neighbors, and we're getting to know a number of new arrivals. From a people's perspective, it's great. The whodunit puzzle we try to solve at home is often left unanswered by character-forward approaches.

Only Murders in the Building is available on Disney+ in the U.S.

8. The Gray Man

A woman sits being interrogated in a CIA boardroom by a man in a suit.

Rege-Jean Page as Carmichael, Ana de Armas as Dani Miranda. Credit: Netflix

It's a big, expensive, star-filled movie with Ryan Gosling starring as the Gray Man, a super- skilled CIA officer. To avoid a fatal pulverising by former CIA agent Lloyd Hansen, he'll need the assistance of Agent Dani Miranda, handler Donald Fitzroy, and former CIA chief Margaret Cahill. He was recruited by the CIA to find and destroy Gentry after he discovered some agency secrets.

The Gray Man is not a movie that you need to see in a movie theater. It's a movie you can watch while you do dishes or use your phone. It's funny in spurts. It's tiresome, lacking any emotional wallop, consistent wit, or the kind of verve that might actually make it sting.

The Gray Man is now available on the streaming service.

9. Uncoupled

Two men sit together with wine glasses watching something out of frame.

Life pivot, ahoy! Credit: Netflix

The creators of Sex and the City, Modern Family, and Frasier collaborated to create Uncoupled, a show about being a single gay man in your 40s in New York after your long-term relationship ends. Neil Patrick Harris is a real estate agent. With the help of his friends Suzanne, Stanley, and Billy, Michael is able to deal with the loss of his love of his life and the beginning of dating again.

Uncoupled is now streaming on the internet.

10. Lightyear

Four animated space rangers and a cat sit in a cockpit.

To infinity...and beyond! Credit: Disney+

Buzz Lightyear had an origin story before he became an action figure beloved by toy story's Andy. Chris Evans is the voice of the Disney character in Lightyear. You will learn more about the man who inspired the toy and his cat. The cast includes Keke Palmer, Uzo Aduba, Taika Waititi, Dale Soules, Bill Hader, and more.

We thought that this spinoff pays homage to the Buzz that's come before with his lines, look, gadgets, attitude, and more. Lightyear is able to set its own course despite the fact that it is in the shadow of Toy Story.

Lightyear is now available on Disney+.

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