The US Space Force gave the go-ahead for the launch of top secret spy satellites with the reuse of the Falcon Heavy rocket, according to a report.

The National Security Space Launch mission is where the launches will take place. According to the Space Force, the first Falcon Heavy launch is expected to take place between October and December and will send a satellite into the air.

The Space Force said in a statement that it found the recovery, refurbishment, and launch of SpaceX boosters to be well-established.

The manufacturer of spy satellites was approved by the Space Force in June but didn't reveal it until Thursday.

The world's most powerful operational rocket, the 230-foot Falcon Heavy, has three boosters and 27 engines that allow it to carry a much heavier-than-normal cargo. The same amount of thrust can be produced by the same amount of Falcon Heavy liftoff.

The Space Force can save money by launching rockets that can be used again and again.

Walter Lauderdale, chief of the Falcon division in Space Systems Command, said in a statement that the Space Force has saved more than $65 million by avoiding extra costs and using re-supply rockets.

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The United Launch Alliance is still waiting for approval from the Space Force for its Vulcan rocket with engines made by Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin, according to a report.