The Denver Broncos are based in Colorado. The Denver Broncos now have the richest owner in the league and the most diverse group of owners.

Four of the six members of the ownership group are females or minorities.

Walmart heir Rob Walton, the oldest child of Walmart co- founder Sam Walton, bought the Broncos along with his daughter, Carrie Penner, and her husband for a record $4.75 billion.

Greg Penner will be the CEO of the team, according to his father-in-law. Penner said he's going to hire a president. The roles had been held by Joe Ellis.

Penner will be the point person, but this is an amazing group. We are going to use all of them.

Condoleezza Rice and Lewis Hamilton are part of the ownership group. Hamilton is the winningest Formula One driver in history.

Walton paid tribute to Ellis and Pat Bowlen. He died a month before he was to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Pat Bowlen had a record of winning and titles. We want to build on the championship tradition of this organization. It's an honor to be in charge of this historic franchise. We want a winning team to win the Super Bowl.

David Tepper, the owner of the Carolina Hurricanes, is believed to have a net worth of $16.7 billion. The estimated net worth of the man is $60billion.

Penner said that they wanted to add people with different perspectives. "Lewis, being the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time) Formula One driver, Dr. Rice with all of her experience in politics and academics and world affairs."

It is our belief that bringing together different perspectives and experiences will make us more successful.

All but Hamilton, who is still in racing season, gathered at the team's headquarters a day after the sale was approved. The Broncos new ownership group met with staff and players before practice, and star safetyJustin Simmons said he was proud to see so many faces of color.

Simmons said that she was inspired by the fact that Black women were in the ownership group. There are little girls out here whose fathers play on the team and they can look up at the ownership of the Broncos and see someone similar to them. That's great.

Simmons said that the biggest thing was that they did not just do that. These are really powerful, qualified individuals that have worked for this. That is motivating to me.

It was an honor to be an owner of this organization. It's historic and I feel at home.

When she first heard about joining the ownership group, she encouraged her friend to join as well.

She named Lewis her little brother. I told you to have Lewis when the chance came up. Lewis was an F1 driver at the time. Over the course of time, we became friends. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth and I call him, 'Sir Little Brother.'

He has a winning mentality no matter what he does. He cares about people, about our planet, and he is the first and only black F1 driver.

Rice said that her late father, John Rice Jr., who was a minister, dean of students at Stillman College and a big football fan, had to be thinking that she finally got a really important job.

Penner wouldn't say if Elway or Manning would be involved with the team in the future.

The new owners had a meeting with both of them. In his interview with The Associated Press earlier this year, Elway said he would like to help the new owners in their first year.

Penner said that they were going to learn from both of them. It's going to be a great relationship.

Penner didn't give a timetable for a contract extension that is expected to be worth about $260 million over five years.

That's right.

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