How did I never know about this? I’ve been using SeatGuru for years, but I don’t find itearly as useful as it once was. It turns out there’s a much better source for airline seat maps.

There is a layout of passenger accommodations. It isn't just showing seats. The passenger cabin is drawn to scale. There is a website that has these for a number of airlines.

You will be able to see how the seats are configured. You will be able to see the placement of the bassinets. You will be able to see which lavatories are larger. You will be able to see where the windows are relative to the seats, no matter where you sit.

They also tell you which brand and model seats are installed.

Here is the front business cabin of a Boeing 787-9 with Polaris seats installed, you can see how the middle seats are close to each other in the picture.

If people still like websites, it's definitely a site to keep an eye on.

Most of the time, it's mainly Miles.

Readers often ask why doors are necessary in business class and suggest that doors make a seat feel cramped. It is more expensive for airlines. Everyone seems to have jumped off the cliff.

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It's not a moral failing of passengers if they don't know or understand the position that an airline takes. It is incumbent on the airline to explain what their policy is and why.

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It's important to research when you have special needs. If you are tall or wide, you might not be a good choice. One British passenger took to TikTok to shame Ryanair over its seats and belt sizes.

"Passengers" is a movie.