A Canadian study found that pregnant women who got a vaccine for Covid-19 were less likely to have serious health problems than people who didn't.

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The study compared side effects for pregnant women after receiving Pfizer and Moderna vaccine to a group of unvaccinated pregnant women.

7.3% of pregnant women experienced health issues requiring time off from work or medical attention within a week of a second dose of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine, compared to 11.3% of non-pregnant women.

headaches and respiratory tract infections are the most common health problems for pregnant women after getting the second dose.

There was no significant difference in the rates of serious health problems that needed professional medical attention among the three groups.

The head of the Vaccine Evaluation Center at British says that studies can help inform pregnant women about potential vaccine side effects and the overall safety of the shots.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control, the rate of vaccinations for pregnant women in the US has increased over the past year. More than half of pregnant women were fully vaccine against Covid as of mid-July 2021, compared to less than one third at the end of July.

A growing body of research suggests that Covid mRNA vaccines are safe for pregnant women and not linked to an increased risk of birth defects. One of the first studies to compare pregnant women to non-vaccinated pregnant women was done by the Lancet. Women are at a higher risk for severe Covid infections when they are pregnant because of changes to their immune systems. There is a higher risk of adverse pregnancy health outcomes for women who have Covid infections. Data availability and misinformation about the safety of the vaccine for pregnant women may have led to vaccine hesitancy among pregnant women.

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According to some research, pregnant women who are vaccined against Covid may pass down their coronaviruses to their children. A recent study found that children whose mothers had been exposed to the coronaviruses had higher levels of immunity.

Misinformation about contraceptives and pregnant women took root early on, and it won't go away.

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