Take it easy and rest in pieces. On Sunday morning, a chunk of comet was spotted crashing into the Sun, and video of the incident looks terrible.

The Sun-diving incident was caught on camera by NASA. It's fair to say that the comet disintegrated inside the star in the video.

A fragment from a giant comet that broke apart hundreds of years ago was almost certainly the cause of the comet's demise.

THE COMET DID NOT SURVIVE: As with most sun-diving comets, this one did not come out the other side of the Sun after its nearest approach to the Sun (perihelion). 🙁 pic.twitter.com/ok5fHbfdDv

— Keith Strong (@drkstrong) August 7, 2022


The comet's death dive is most likely the result of our Sun's intense gravity. If comets get too close to the star, what happens? Our friend here got swallowed whole when the pull became too strong.

Although this particular comet was a bit bigger than your normal Sun-diving space snowball, it grabbed a bit more attention. Good sir, it's so long.

Unfortunate flies too close to the sun and becomes a ghost.