The new date is August 11, 2022.

The Justice Department filed a motion in federal court Thursday afternoon to unseal the search warrant that was the basis for the FBI raid on President Donald Trump's Florida home.

Justice Garland

Attorney General Garland spoke at the Department of Justice. This is a file photo of President Barack Obama.

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Garland applied for the search warrant himself.

The search warrant was requested by the New York Times.

The property receipt was requested by the Justice Department in order for the items to be made public.

Garland gave few other updates of the federal investigation into Trump during a short press briefing Thursday afternoon, but he did blast what he called "unfounded" attacks on agents that carried out the raid.

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Garland said that he would not stand by silently when their integrity was attacked. The FBI and the Justice Department are dedicated to public service.

Key Background

FBI agents broke into Trump's safe while combing through Mar-a-Lago. According to reports, the raid represented a significant escalation of the Justice Department's scrutiny into allegations that Trump took a trove of White House documents to his home even though he had to turn them over to the National Archives. Trump and his allies have slammed the raid as a form of political persecution, with some claiming it was done to benefit President Joe Biden, even the White House said the president was unaware the search was being carried out. Following the raid, right-wing extremists increased their rhetoric online.

What We Don’t Know

The Wall Street Journal reported that the search warrant was executed in response to a tip about the documents. Mick Mulvaney told CNN that he was unaware of a safe at Mar-a-Lago during his time in the Trump Administration.

There is a lot to know about the document controversy that led to the Mar-A-Lago raid.

The tour of a crowded closet was part of the FBI's quest for Trump documents.

Trump said that FBI agents searched Mar-A-Lago in an "unannounced raid".