Two mechanics are facing charges after they were accused of damaging parts to at least one victim's vehicle.

The trooper said that they wouldn't drive that with that amount of damage.

Two mechanics at #1 Cochran in Monroeville were accused of tampering with a customer's brake pads on purpose.

A flathead screwdriver was put in between the brake pads to cause separation. One of the mechanics used a hammer and the other put a screwdriver in there.

Two people are facing charges for criminal activity.

The mechanics told us that everything they did was on their own accord.

This is a betrayal of trust according to the victim. He told Channel 11 that he spoke to the service manager after the initial incident and was told that the manager would personally inspect the braking system with his staff present to make sure it didn't happen again.

It is not known how long those mechanics have been at the dealership.

You can buy and sell your own parts at the dealership garage. I don't have an answer for you.

Our set of facts is different than what was said at the press conference. Everyone agreed that the brakes did not pass inspection. No one forcibly separated the pads at #1 Cochran. There would be no benefit to the technicians if they operated that way.

Drivers are being told to do their research and to trust their mechanic.

The suspects have the same lawyer.

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