• Pelosi says the U.S. won't allow China to isolated Taiwan. There was a report on August 10th.

  • Nancy Pelosi said in an interview that her trip to Taiwan was worth it despite China's reprisals.

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  • The Uvalde school district will have more police officers after the May school shooting.

  • When asked about the FBI agents searching Mar-a-Lago, the home of former President Donald Trump, the FBI director said he was concerned about the threats to law enforcement. The first senior Justice Department official to decline to comment on the record and on camera about the search of the former president's estate was Wray.

  • Climate change has caused glaciers in the Swiss Alps to thaw.

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  • Trump's favorability rating in the state was found to be 34%, with 61% of Wisconsinites having an unfavorable opinion of the former president.

  • The speaker waved off the furor over her visit to Taiwan.

  • A move by Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle to become Pope Francis' successor would change the face of the Catholic faith. According to the Catholic Herald, whoever becomes pope next will speak about the future of the church. Some of the leading candidates include Hungary's "conservative canon law expert" Cardinal Péter Erd, 70, and the Philippines' Cardinal Tagle, who has been praised by liberals as a progressive symbol for the changing demographic of the Church.

  • The stock market can be predicted up to 3 days in advance. This is what it is seeing right now.

  • Donald Trump repeatedly pleaded the Fifth on Wednesday, but that won't stop the NY AG from going for his business.

  • A former senior adviser for Pete Buttigieg said on Wednesday that she is in the current commander in chief's corner if he decides to run for reelection. Smith told ITK on Tuesday that he was Pete for anything else. I would lie if I said so.

  • One GOP political strategist said that being an impeached Republican made it almost impossible to be reelected.

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  • Sources familiar with the deliberations say that China's war games around Taiwan have led Biden administration officials to rethink their thinking on whether to impose tariffs on Beijing or scrap them. President Joe Biden's team has been wrestling with various ways to ease the costs of duties imposed on Chinese imports during Donald Trump's time in office. A combination of eliminating some tariffs, launching a new Section 301 investigation into potential areas for additional tariffs, and expanding a list of tariffs to aid U.S. companies that can only get certain supplies from China have been considered.

  • According to reports, North Korea could send up to 100,000 troops to help Russia, but one expert doesn't think that's realistic.

  • The most remote locations on Earth have a lot of rain.

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  • There was a woman in the laundry room who never made it out.

  • According to WW, Hervé Pierre has addressed a recent report that he was paid $60,000 by the Save AmericaPAC in four installments for "strategy consulting," ambiguous work that he confirmed was unrelated to his official fashion duties. Pierre said that the $60,000 was not related to any work he did. The money was not tied to his work in fashion. Pierre sometimes consults with someone.

  • New York City Mayor Eric Adams said on Tuesday that he is considering sending a busload of New Yorkers to Texas to campaign against Abbott.

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  • The images were released by Memphis police. Three men are holding guns. The men used those weapons to kill a man outside of a motel.

  • Ellen DeGeneres, Anne Heche's former partner, offered a brief statement regarding the tragic wreck that left the actress in critical condition. The comedian and daytime talk show host was approached in Santa Barbara.

  • A senior court official encourages workers to be alert.