SpaceX has launched 35 Falcon 9 missions this year alone, the majority of which have been to transport its Starlink satellites to orbit.

The total number of Starlink satellites that have been launched by the company has risen to 3,008.

The rocket was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. There is an hour and a half later. The first stage of the Falcon 9 successfully landed on the A Shortfall of Gravitas droneship in the Atlantic Ocean after separation.

The 35th Falcon 9 mission was launched in the current year, making it the hardest working rocket in the world. Most of the missions have been to deploy more Starlink satellites. The large fleet of satellites provides internet access across the globe. A total of 42,000 satellites are expected to be launched by Musk and his company. More than 12,000 Starlinks have been approved by the Federal Communications Commission.

The number of Starlink satellites that entered space before yesterday's launch was 2,957, of which 2,668 are currently operational.

Due to the fact that the company is both a rocket company and a satellite company, it is miles ahead of the competition in flying its internet satellites to space. OneWeb, a competitor of SpaceX, has turned to the space company to help it launch its satellites in order to form a larger internet constellation. A fleet of 3,236 satellites will be launched by Amazon. The company recently booked 83 trips to launch its satellites on board rockets from Arianespace, Blue Origin, and United Launch Alliance, but didn't include SpaceX.

Astronomers are concerned that the new internet satellites will pose a threat to their observations. With larger and brighter satellites planned, it is not looking good for future views of the night sky.

Chinese researchers have a plan to destroy the starlink.