Collecting feedback on Amazon is hard and collecting good feedback is even harder.

However, it does not have to be. If you put your mind to it and develop an action plan that nurtures client relationships and actively generates positive and negative reviews, you can ensure your review game is at the top of its class.

So, how to get reviews on Amazon

This guide includes best practices and detailed steps to boost your chances of getting product feedback.

Why Are Amazon Reviews Important?  

The golden equation for your performance in the marketplace is simple enough. Product reviews = revenue. 

Nonetheless, here's the catch: to grow sales, you need feedback, and to get such, you need a sizeable amount of orders with positive testimonials as a key.

As client reviews are the foundation to getting ranked, collecting feedback should become your mission and focus.

But where can you get these testimonials?

Should you pay for them with one of those review services? As tempting as it sounds when you start on the platform, never purchase your testimonials!

Instead, with a straightforward process of generating customer feedback and additional tools, you will get those desired testimonials and make your sales soar.

How Can Sellers Generate More AMZ Reviews? 

Successful Amazon merchants strive to get more feedback and seek out dedicated shoppers that can write reviews. Below are a few tricks you can use to get AMZ reviews.

Use the "Request a Review" button

Just because your goods sell like hotcakes does not mean you have managed to attract enough share of reviews. So one tip for Amazon merchants is to add the "Request a Review" feature on your product listing. It will prompt clients to leave a review without any hassle. So this is how to collect your first testimonials on the platform.

Get dedicated software for Amazon merchants

There are many helpful tools that connect with the Amazon API. Such services allow you to schedule customizable review requests with special Buyer-Seller Messaging templates or send AMZ-generated requests by automating the "Request a Review". No matter how you prefer to dispatch emails asking for comments, scheduling and automation features can save precious time while helping to grow your testimonials. Some software also includes notifications for new reviews and comprehensive analytics to help sellers understand how their products are perceived in the marketplace.

Leverage Amazon Vine

Amazon's Vine Program is available to merchants who have AMZ brand-registered goods and not more than 30 testimonials.

In this program, a merchant submits 30 items of inventory. Vine reviewers get free goods, test them out, and leave a review. 

On the one hand, it's similar to the incentivized feedback programs banned by the platform in 2016. The only difference now is that the marketplace is vetting the reviewers for its program.

According to the AMZ platform, 25% of product feedback is received within five days of the order, while 99% occurs within 35 days of the order. Thus, Amazon Vine is a game-changer, as it allows newly registered items to get testimonials fast.

Add packing inserts

Merchandise packaging is an essential aspect of the client experience. In fact, Dotcom Distribution confirmed that 40% of buyers would tend to make a repeat purchase from a company if their first order is delivered in premium packaging. 

One option to use your packaging is to include an insert. It should thank the client for their purchase, inform them how to contact support, and share an honest review.

Make your product listings helpful

Creating a proper product listing is a lesser-known method to get more AMZ feedback. Likewise, on-page alterations can bring client comments. 

Focus product descriptions, bullet-points, Enhanced Brand Content, and pictures on buyer concerns and questions so you can accurately set expectations for utilizing the item. In addition, it helps to avoid negative feedback and encourage positive ones as you are making it easier for visitors to use your goods.

Build Your Success on the Back of Customer Reviews!

Not only does AMZ feedback helps to enhance your visibility in marketplace searches and grows conversions, but it can also help you strengthen your business by getting the lowdown on what your clients feel and think.

These insights are invaluable.

As a result, you should always strive to get more feedback by reaching out to customers, making it simple or them to leave their reviews, and expressing you care about their opinion on your products and brands.