Following the official announcement of the $249 USD AirPods Pro, it is now being reported that the replacement and repair cost for the device and its Wireless Charging Case has drastically increased. According to , Apple's Genius Bar will charge customers $89 USD per earbud and/or Wireless Charging Case to replace, and $99 USD if the case itself gets lost.

This is around $20-$30 USD extra for the same service as it takes to replace and repair the standard AirPods. This makes buying a new pair of AirPods Pro cheaper than getting a replacement or repair through Apple's Genius Bar. Battery service is cheaper at $49 USD per earbud and $49 USD for the Wireless Charging Case.

It appears Apple is pushing its AppleCare warranty extensions on consumers looking to purchase the AirPods Pro, as it only costs $29 USD in comparison to its replace/repair service.

Apple recently released AppleCare+ for Headphones with the same $29 USD plan that covers AirPods for the AirPods Pro, which gives two years of warranty coverage, including two incidents of accidental damage.

In related tech news, here's a closer look at Apple's AirPods Pro.

AirPods Pro replacement and repair costs rise to $89 per earbud, same for case by @michaelpotuck

- (@9to5mac) October 29, 2019


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