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The FDA sent a warning letter to Amazon asking it to remove mole and skin tag removal products from its website because they were not approved for sale in the United States.

The FDA warned Andy Jassy that there were no authorized over-the-counter drugs that remove moles. The agency bought two of the offending products on Amazon.

The FDA has concerns about drugs that are marketed directly to consumers. There could be delays in cancer diagnoses if people try to deal with moles at home.

The FDA warned two other companies for selling products that remove moles and skin tags.

A warning letter is the FDA's initial move against companies that violate US rules. The companies have 15 days to reply to the letters and explain how they plan to address the issue. If the companies don't comply with the law, the agency can take more aggressive actions.

There are no mole and skin tag removal products on Amazon. There are more than one mole and skin tag removal product on Amazon.

The FDA has warned Amazon before. The FDA warned the company that the sale of sexual enhancement and weight loss products were in violation of the law.