The FBI served a search warrant at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate on Monday.

The statement said that a large group of FBI agents raided his home. Multiple outlets have reported that the warrant was related to boxes of records Trump took with him when he left the White House. A person for the FBI wouldn't say anything. The raid was blamed on the left wing Democrats.

It was only possible in Third-World countries. The statement said that America has become corrupt at a level unseen before. The safe they broke into was mine. What is the differences between this and Watergate?

The line about the safe was one of the funnier ones.

People are gonna try to riff but but just not gonna beat the placement of "They even broke into my safe!" Putting it right between "America is a third world country" and "this is worse than Watergate." What a mind on that guy

11:38 PM - 08 Aug 2022

"They even broke into my safe!"

11:43 PM - 08 Aug 2022

You’re laughing? They went into the president’s safe at his golf course house and you’re laughing

06:13 AM - 09 Aug 2022

"They even broke into my safe!"

11:03 PM - 08 Aug 2022

no plese don’t break into my safe. the safe specifically meant to keep my precious and secret belongings safe, don’t touch that

11:23 PM - 08 Aug 2022

According to the National Archives and Records Administration, Trump had more records to turn over. There was classified information in the documents recovered.

The chaos of the raid was celebrated by Ice-T.

Donald at Mar A Lago

11:32 PM - 08 Aug 2022

oh no, is my mar-a-lago next

12:50 AM - 09 Aug 2022

first they came for roger stone, and i said “great.” next, they came for alex jones and i said “good news.” then they came for donald trump and i said “this is also excellent”

12:13 AM - 09 Aug 2022

People tweeting like, “OH SO YOU’D BE FINE IF THE FBI RAIDED HUNTER BIDEN’S HOME?” Yeah, sure, man. I don’t give a shit. Start an investigation. Raid his home. Confiscate his laptop. Impound his Maxim magazines from 2003. Knock yourself out.

03:47 AM - 09 Aug 2022

There were fears that Trump supporters would plan a violent demonstration. WPBF-TV reporter Ari Hait said there were no physical fights on the scene.

This is the scene right now in front of Mar A Lago. @PalmBeachPolice is trying to keep crowds from gathering as both Trump supporters and opponents have come out to make their voices heard. There have been many confrontations. Fortunately, none have been physical.@WPBF25News

12:57 AM - 09 Aug 2022

Trump supporter ..Mar a Largo

01:32 AM - 09 Aug 2022

Trump supporters are calling for violence and other extreme things on the internet.

Trump supporters are REALLY excited about the idea of a civil war. Some of the responses to today’s FBI raid:“I already bought my ammo”“Civil war! Pick up arms, people!”“Civil War 2.0 just kicked off.”“Let’s do the war.”“One step closer to a kinetic civil war.”And more…

02:17 AM - 09 Aug 2022

oh no... Swig has been activated

12:12 AM - 09 Aug 2022

A big spike in tweets referencing "civil war" right after the news of the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago broke last night. Source: Dataminr

12:49 PM - 09 Aug 2022

That is also being memed as well.

Anyway this will be fascinating to watch unless we collapse into violence and civil war and stuff

12:29 AM - 09 Aug 2022

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