I wanted to take an updated look at one of the upcoming Boeing customers because I am excited about them.

Hawaiian Airlines’ order for 20 Boeing 787-9s

Hawaiian Airlines had a firm order for 10 Boeing 787-9s and options for 10 more.

Hawaiian Airlines was supposed to get its first Boeing 787-9 in early 2021, but what has happened to that? The delivery of the first two Dreamliners by the airline is expected to be delayed for two years. The delivery schedule will be gradual and it will be 2026 before all 10 planes are in Hawaiian Airlines' fleet.

We are still a year away from the first delivery of the new plane, even though it has been in Hawaiian Airlines livery since mid- 2021.

Hawaiian Airlines has a fleet of 61 planes.

  • 24 Airbus A330-200s, which are currently the carrier’s only wide body jets, and they’re used for long haul routes to the mainland and abroad
  • 18 Airbus A321neos, which are all quite new, and which mostly operate flights to the west coast of the United States
  • 19 Boeing 717-200s, which are used exclusively for inter-island Hawaii flights

In terms of capacity, fuel efficiency, and range, the Boeing 787-9 is an exciting addition to Hawaiian Airlines. Boston and New York are likely to be the furthest destinations for Hawaiian Airlines' Boeing 787-9s.

You can expect the plane to operate international flights in the future.

This type of service has been rumored for a long time, but there is no indication that this will happen. If Hawaiian Airlines exercises its option for an extra 10 Boeing 787-9s, then this will happen.

Hawaiian Airlines has a firm order for 10 Boeing 787-9s

Hawaiian Airlines’ new Boeing 787 business class

The most exciting thing about Hawaiian Airlines is that they will have a business class product. Business class seats are expected on the planes. The product is a joint venture.

Initially Hawaiian Airlines was supposed to be the launch customer for this product, but now it's Qatar Airways. Some customers will be able to have a double bed with the seats being in a 1-2-1 configuration.

The Adient Ascent business class seat
The Adient Ascent business class seat

It will be a huge upgrade for Hawaiian Airlines. There are fully flat beds in the A330s.

Hawaiian Airlines’ A330 business class
Hawaiian Airlines’ A330 business class

Hawaiian Airlines has a different customer profile than most airlines because Hawaii is a leisure destination. The 2-2-2 configuration makes sense since you have more couples traveling together than on other airlines.

As American Airlines looks to refresh its business class seats, it is also considering Adient Ascent seats for the Boeing 787-9.

Bottom line

Hawaiian Airlines has a firm order for 10 Boeing 787-9s, which are expected to join the carrier's fleet in late23. Even when they are delivered, it will take a long time because we are still a ways off. The improved efficiency, increased capacity, and new business class make me excited about these planes.

What do you think about the new Boeing planes?