The back of the OnePlus 10T Moonstone Black colorway

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)
  • OnePlus and OPPO face a stifling smartphone ban in Germany following the patent dispute with Nokia.
  • Nokia's lawsuit against both Chinese companies comes after the use of its 5G technology.
  • The ban has gone into effect as of August 5 which threatens both companies' smartphones.
  • Both smartphone providers will have to pay €2.50 per smartphone as the 5G technology is in phones sold around the world, not just in Germany.

As a result of the patent dispute, the German government has banned the sale of the phones of the two companies. The Chinese phone manufacturers were in court.

According to WinFuture, a meeting was held with the district court in July of this year in regards to the issue of 5G technology being used by the two companies that are not paying for it. The dispute is about essential patents which are of fundamental importance for the 5G standards.

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The district court in Mannheim said in July that a ban would be averted if the two companies could agree on the patents. As of August 5, both Chinese companies in Germany were banned from selling their phones due to a lack of an agreement. Both companies' German websites are no longer carrying any phones.

We reached out to OPPO, but they didn't reply right away. According to the report, the company is in talks with the company about the problem.


The companies appear to be able to sell accessories like earbuds despite the ban.

If an agreement isn't made soon, the ban will spell disaster for the likes of the 10T, which just launched. According to WinFuture, more companies under the umbrella ofBBK Electronics could face the same ban. According to the courts, the companies will have to pay 2.50 for each phone.

The patent dispute has led to a widening of the suit against the subsidiaries. France, Spain, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Great Britain will be the countries where the sales ban will be in place.