I cook almost every day.  I’ll make just about anything but my staples are simple proteins cooked and seasoned well.

If you know anything about me, you know I adore flaky sea salt.

A Brief History of the Importance of Salt

Until the 1950s and 1960s, it was hard to get access to a fridge or freezer.

Salt's impact on the geography of places we know and love today is well known.

The area around Salzburg is referred to as the Salt town.

You could ship food if you had salt.

The Nordic region and many other places in the world had a reverence for salt.

Salt is no longer used as aPreservative because of modern technology.

Introducing Saltverk

The Reykjanes peninsula is nestled against the shores of the Westfjords and is easily overlooked.

Saltverk was in the process of expanding their manufacturing facilities when I and my friend Petur visited last summer, after Gordon Ramsay and Andy Luten visited them.

There was a small selection of salt flavors for tasting in the foyer.

We were taken for a tour of the facilities by the owner.

How Saltverk makes salt

They are telling the truth when they say they make salt by hand.

We walked up the stairs to see the vats of water.

Salt crystals were all over the place.

After the water makes it through a series of tanks, it is transferred into another building.

If you looked at the side of the vats, you could see how much water was needed to evaporate.

A member of the Saltverk team grabbed a rake and pulled it out of the water.

He showed his wares to me.

He took the salt and put it in a tub.

The tub was quickly filled with newly-minted salt, which was carted next to a large drying room, where the salt was spread onto large trays and dried out until it was ready for consumption.

The salt is dried in the drying room and then packaged by hand on the back wall.

The best place to buy Saltverk is at the factory, but it is also sold in the duty-free stores at the airport.

Petar taki, the Serbian-born production manager, posed for a picture for me, even though he was at work all day.

Why I Love Saltverk

The makers of the world are the ones who start with nothing.

Saltverk is being rewarded for carving out its own way of doing things and turning some of the purest, untouched seawater in the world into artisan salt with perfect taste and texture.

I don't have a financial relationship with Saltverk and I'm just a happy customer who loves Saltverk's story.

I am back in the States. If you click through, you hope I will post pictures of puffsins.

There is a film in "Iceland".

Since my last visit, getting in and out of the country has changed a lot. You need to know what to look for. It's time to think about going to Iceland this summer.

There is a film in "Iceland".

There is a volcano in the country. A person from social media knew of a place where they could take a picture of a monster truck. If you don't click through, you won't be able to see the pictures.

It was in Europe.