CNN reported on Monday that a lawyer representing the parents of a student killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting gave two years of Alex Jones' text messages to the committee.

Newtown Shooting-Infowars-Phone

During the trial, Alex Jones tried to answer questions about his emails.


Mark Bankston, a lawyer who represented the Sandy Hook parents in defamation lawsuits against Jones, told CNN that he was cooperating with the committee.

The messages had been turned over to the panel, according to CNN.

The news comes a week after Bankston shared during the Sandy Hook parents' trial that Jones' lawyers mistakenly sent years of records from his cellphone proving he sent emails and text messages about the massacre.

The House panel has been trying to get text messages from Jones, who has ties to the leader of the Oath Keepers militia and who the January 6 panel says played a role in orchestrating the rally on January 6.

A representative for the January 6 committee did not reply to a question from Forbes.

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Jones made a lot of false claims about election fraud after the presidential election. The New York Times reported that he was at the Capitol on January 6 spreading false claims of a rigged election while encouraging the crowd to be peaceful. Jones was accused of helping lead a rally at the Ellipse before the insurrection after the January 6 committee subpoenaed him. Jones testified before the House panel in January after he sued to try and block the subpoenas. Jones' bodyguard has been subpoenaed by the committee. During a defamation damages trial last week, Jones' lawyers urged the judge to prevent Bankston from giving Jones' text messages to the January 6 committee after Bankston revealed they were in his possession, but the judge refused. The texts include messages with Roger Stone.


The jury in Austin, Texas decided last week that Jones must pay more than 45 million dollars in damages to the parents of Sandy Hook victims for promoting false conspiracy theories. During the trial last week, Jones said he believed the 2012 elementary school shooting was real. $150 million was the amount of damages sought by the parents. The family was awarded $4.1 million in damages in the defamation trial. Jones is being sued for spreading false claims about the shooting.

A source tells CNN that Alex Jones' text messages have been turned over to the committee.

A lawyer said he would give Alex Jones's text to the house.

According to Alex Jones' lawyers, they forwarded his "damning text" to opposing counsel.