KimKardashian and Pete Davidson might be over, but that doesn't mean the attacks on the comedian will stop.

A fake New York Times headline that reads "Skete Davidson dead at age 28" was posted on the same platform that he was temporarily suspended from.

Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Together

You can only assume it's to celebrate the break up of Kim and Pete.

The post was a shot at Pete and at Kid Cudi, who he had a falling out with after Cudi continued to hang out with Pete while he was dating Kim. Kid Cudi intended to play funeral but afraid of bottle throwers.

Cudi walked off the stage at Rolling Loud Miami after fans in the crowd threw things at him.

Sources tell us that Kim and West are hanging together with their children. Even if they split, she's not too pleased with his new post because of the social media attacks from him when she was with Pete.