50 free live channels are on their way for you to watch.

There is a new version of the Android TV app that has been decompiled. You will be able to enjoy 50 channels of live TV without the need to subscribe, sign-up, or download according to the text in the app.

It's not the same as adding live TV or other streaming services to your TV. You have to have your own subscription to use those. 50 channels would be built in here.

There is a graphic in the app that shows 34 channels. News outlets include ABC, CBS, and NBC, as well as entertainment channels such as American Classics. If you'd like to watch the Teletubbies, there's an entire channel dedicated to them. There are more than 30 channels coming soon to the internet television service.

  • ABC News broadcasts live.

  • America's test kitchen.

  • A collection of American classics.

  • There is an asylum.

  • There is a battery pop.

  • The news is from Canada.

  • Chive TV.

  • Either deal or no deal.

  • There is a divorce court.

  • The dry bar has comedy.

  • Fail Army.

  • Filmrise is a site where you can watch free movies.

  • There are more movies from the same company.

  • There is a show at the Apollo.

  • Kevin Hart has a funny way of saying things. There is a network.

  • I love nature.

  • The cinema is called maverick black.

  • MooviMex is a language of Mexican origin.

  • The vision of nature.

  • NBC has news now.

  • Newsmax is a television show.

  • Nosey, that's right.

  • The collective of animals.

  • The power nation.

  • There is a film called "reelz."

  • There are children's television shows called Teletubbies.

  • It's all day today.

  • There are toon goggles.

  • USA Today is a newspaper in the United States.

  • The world poker tour.

  • There is a collection of television shows.

  • Xumo is a crime show.

  • There are movies called Xumo.

  • The Xumo Westerns were filmed.