After layoffs at Oracle, Business Insider spoke to current and former employees, learning that some marketing teams reportedly saw their headcount "slashed by anywhere from 30% to 50%."

A former marketing employee said that the environment was bad. It's completely chaotic. A person who works at Oracle said that the team was obliterated. One person familiar with the situation said it may have reached 80% of the division. A senior marketing leader was laid off on Monday. There is no marketing division so we're not supposed to say we're in marketing. A recently laid off marketing leader told Insider that their team was cut in half and there was no one to replace them. The person said that his team had no idea who they were working for. They're floating in the wind because nobody told them I was gone. Some employees were surprised by how many senior, experienced, and high-performing staff were let go on Monday. It can take years before engineers are fully up to speed with how everything works, and workers with over a decade of experience were cut, according to some employees. Other employees who were laid off in recent months are angry that they were cut before their restricted stock units were due to vest, costing them tens of thousands of dollars in compensation. A marketing leader who was recently laid off said it was "just deplorable". People on medical leave were laid off. People on parental leave were laid off.

The article points out that in June Oracle also reported $191 million on restructuring costs for the previous fiscal year — and another $431 million for the year before. ("Oracle did not respond to requests for comment from Insider at the time of publication.") A recently laid-off marketing employee told the site that "We've been kind of working like zombies the last couple of weeks because there's just this sense of 'What am I doing here?"

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