Many hotels are half their normal award rate. It isn't true everywhere, but it appears to be worldwide.

You can find Holiday Inns from 20,000 points and Intercontinentals from 35,000 points. Not everywhere, but there are reports of properties in the islands.

It isn't fair to say that something is mispriced since the award chart no longer exists. We have to assume that this is just a nice sale since the way that the program works is that the price is the price.

It would be a mistake to price redemptions lower than usual. Redemption prices are published. They can vary their prices at will.

I think it's a flash sale since they haven't marketed it as out of the ordinary. If you want to, get your reservations in. Repricing existing reservations would be a good idea. Don't make non-refundable plans around these bookings because they might haveseller's remorse and try to change their mind later. I don't think this will last

Strayersong is a word.

The weak program for elite benefits made up for it with decent earn-and-burn. They hid their award charts and started raising prices, and now they seem to have done it again without warning.

It was in hotels.

Several hotel programs have been re- launched during the Pandemic. The smaller programs are new. GHA, which has around 500 hotels but is adding several hundred more, was just a benefits program, but now offers cash refunds to spend at their properties.

It was in hotels.

hotel entrance with chandelier

The rewards club premier credit card from Chase has the best bonus ever. There are new benefits for this product a couple of years ago, and it's easier to get approved for an Ihg card now. Up front for the card and recurring benefits for keeping it.

There are credit cards.