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This summer has been particularly frustrating for travelers. Two Times travel experts answered reader questions about how we got here and how to make the most of your own trips.

Why are a lot of flights canceled?

The issues are a confluence. The demand is high. Summer travel is busy again after two years when people were unable to travel due to Covid. There is a shortage of labor. There haven't been enough baggage handlers, wheelchair agents, ramp agents, and pilots because both airlines and airports have been hard at work.

It is a problem that the airlines have created. The airlines encouraged a lot of employees to leave in the early days of the Pandemic. It looks like that has returned to bite them.

Is the travel problems over by October for my wedding?

Niraj thinks there is hope. New employees at major airlines should be trained in a few weeks. The fall is a less busy time for the industry. It is possible that fewer people will be flying because parts of the economy aren't doing so well.

Is the price of airline tickets going to go down? I need to take a vacation.

You can see what the prices will be at different times when you use Hopper, Kayak and Skyscanner. The Hopper app will tell you if you should book immediately or wait until prices go up or down.

If you can find a cheaper flight on another airline, you can change it and get a credit.

What rights do you have in the event of a flight being canceled?

You should get your money back if your flight is canceled or changed. People don't realize that airlines sometimes give people vouchers when they owe you money You might have to call the airline or fill out an online form if you don't get your money back immediately. You can get your money back if you tell your credit card company that the money hasn't shown up in your bank account.

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When you are on vacation, what should you do to deal with Covid?

You should come up with a plan in advance, because it is tempting to push it out of our mind. Seven days of additional hotel costs as well as medical costs will be covered by travel insurance if you test positive. If you are over the age of 65 and medically compromised, you should check with your primary care doctor to see if he or she can prescribe Paxlovid.

It is up to you to determine if you have Covid before you fly home. If you test positive, you should be isolated for five days and wear a mask for five days. More tips for post-restrictions travel were given byHeather.

Kevin Morooney asked what he could do to reduce his carbon footprint.

Niraj says that the airlines he covers won't appreciate him saying this, but that they should fly less. If flying is important to you, you should consider how far you travel.

Is it a good idea to ship my luggage overseas?

If you need to travel with something that is so precious to you that it will ruin your life if you lose it, then carry it on. It is not bad to ship it if it is too large. I don't think it's time for people to stop checking their luggage

Does it make sense to use a travel agent for a big trip?

If you have the funds, travel agents are great. If you have a travel agent, you can be the one to wait on the phone for four hours if you have a problem with an airline.

Heather Murphy used to teach English at an institute in Chile. His favorite way to get around is to walk with his wife and dog.

  • A flight attendant has been on the job for two decades.

  • One Times reader had to wait 12 days for her bags. The columnist persuaded United to give her money back, but still couldn't believe it.

  • Travelers on the plane seem to have a dress code of comfortable shorts, leggings and sweats.

  • The Wall Street Journal reported that some dog owners are spending thousands of dollars to charter flights for their animals.

Credit...Tom Brenner for The New York Times
  • The strength of the Senate candidates is being tested by the unpopularity of the president.

  • In a test vote, the Senate passed the climate and tax bill.

  • Biden is a lifelong Catholic and abortion rights supporters worry that he won't be a good leader.

  • Conservatives are trying to expand safe haven laws that allow women to give birth.

  • Kevin Roose writes that the verdict against Alex Jones isn't likely to slow the phenomenon of Fabulists influencing the public.

  • At least 31 people have been killed in the Gaza Strip in fighting between Islamic Jihad and the Israeli army. You can follow our updates.

  • China's security apparatus has been strengthened in order to protect against foreign threats.

  • Francia Mrquez will be the first black vice president of the country.

  • Eli Lilly is one of the major employers in Indiana.

  • Black families looking for ancestors have turned to 19th century ads that sought relatives after the abolition of the slave trade.

  • Biden should be confident in his legacy without a second term because of his recent successes.

  • The pro-life movement wanted a debate over abortion. Ross said it has one after the Kansas vote.

  • People shape technology while technology shapes us.

  • Pamela Paul argues that Alex Jones's trial was not enough for the truth.

  • Roxane Gay says to demand more black heroes instead of asking for the Black Panther to be changed.

Is Ayman al-Zawahri dead?

The killing of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden shows the U.S. can fight terrorism without sending troops to Afghanistan. Asfandyar Mir writes in The Times that last year's U.S. withdrawal and the Taliban's return suggest that the country has become a terrorist haven.

ImageAtlantic spotted dolphins in waters off Bimini in the Bahamas.
Atlantic spotted dolphins in waters off Bimini in the Bahamas.Credit...Hudson Fleece/Alamy
Atlantic spotted dolphins in waters off Bimini in the Bahamas.

The book review talks about poetry criticism.

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