I think it is unlikely that this will be true.

Etihad A380s rumored to be returning to service

The A380s were put on hold at the start of the epidemic. From the beginning, the airline made it clear that the planes wouldn't be coming back. The impact of the Pandemic was not the only reason for that, as the airline was already trying to change its business plan prior to the epidemic.

The possibility of an A380 return is still open, with CEO Tony Douglas stating that we should never say never.

I can't vouch for the accuracy of this, but a user claims that the airline is going to bring back at least three A380s and fly them to London, Paris, and Australia. The airline will release more information in the coming weeks, according to him.

LATEST UPDATEEtihad Airways are expected to bring back 3 Airbus A380s. Initially in the first 12 months, they will flying to the following destinations; London Heathrow 5x weekly Sydney 3x weeklyParis 2x weekly

More details to be released by the airline in the coming weeks pic.twitter.com/VrkS3rAQQN

— M Zulqarnain B (@MZulqarnainBut1) August 5, 2022

He is usually pretty accurate with his reporting, but I wouldn't take a single false claim on the social networking site. He claimed that six A380s would be coming back to service in the late 21st century. It is not to say that his information was incorrect, since airlines do constantly change their plans. That may have been the carrier's plan at the time.

Some insights around what's happening with Etihad Airways…• 4 A380s have been sold to Airbus. 6 are expected to return to service soon.

• All A320s are expected to be transferred to Air Arabia Abu Dhabi along with crew in a "move or your sacked" offer.

— M Zulqarnain B (@MZulqarnainBut1) December 29, 2021

I think it's interesting to discuss and that it involves one of my favorite planes. The return of the A380 First Class Apartments, as well as The Residence, a three room suite with butler service, would be a big deal.

Etihad Airbus A380 Residence

My take on Etihad A380 rumors

One of my favorite uses of American AAdvantage miles is to travel in the first class of the A380.

If I were a betting man, I would say this won't happen.

  • Yes, travel demand has recovered nicely, and if Etihad were still under the previous CEO’s leadership, the airline would have 100% brought back Airbus A380s
  • Etihad’s current management team has taken a much more conservative approach, and the airline has managed to shrink into profitability
  • The economics of bringing back a small subfleet of Airbus A380s simply doesn’t make sense, since there are also economies of scale involved here, which you don’t get when bringing back just a few planes
  • Etihad has now started taking delivery of its Airbus A350-1000s, which are viewed as the carrier’s flagship aircraft
  • Etihad will naturally grow in the coming years, as the airline still has 15 A350s on order, plus 32 Boeing 787s (and those deliveries should resume shortly)
  • I do think Etihad has gotten a big halo effect from having A380s, given the great onboard product, though again, I don’t buy that this positive marketing necessarily helps the airline make much money
Etihad Airbus A380 First Class Apartment

There have been some great A380 news recently. The airline brought back the A380s despite initially retiring them. The issues with the A350s made the airline need the capacity.

Next summer will see the return of the A380s. The airline has seen a quicker than expected recovery in demand and the continued delay of the Boeing 777X.

Lufthansa is bringing back Airbus A380s in 2023

Bottom line

According to reports, at least three A380s may be brought back by the airline, with plans for them to fly to London, Paris, and Australia.

I would think that this won't happen. The carrier focuses on cutting costs and is in a better financial position. I can't see how bringing back a small sub fleet of A380s would be compatible with this strategy.

What do you think about this story? Is the A380 coming back?

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