That didn't happen. He didn't know that the Euros needed his oil and gas but he used their market to do so.

Putin should have parked his ambitions in the West until he diversified his customer base and built infrastructure to export to China, the world's largest energy buyer. He invaded Ukraine and then blackmailed the rest of Europe, sending it scrambling to find new suppliers and alternative energy sources.

Putin is getting ready for a war.

Russia can't replace Europe with new customers because Europe is easier to find. He has not been able to make ends meet.

Putin doesn't do well on the battlefield. The Ukrainians fought back with strength. He's alienating Europe permanently. It will be destroyed even if he gets his quarry. Russia's army is destroyed.

Without a China market, his economy is doomed. The European Union and Britain have vowed to stop using Russian oil, gas and coal. Putin has weaponized energy and food, which will be remembered.

He can't replace Europe's market with China and other Asian markets for a long time. The future of energy is cleaner and more powerful with the use of Liquefied Natural Gas. Russia, with more gas than any nation on the planet, has missed the boat in developing this technology and is far behind in the development of this technology.

Also, read the story about the defiance of Putin.

Western companies that helped build the Russian oil and gas industry have left due to the war. It will not be possible for Russians to raise the hundreds of billions of dollars needed to link the oil and gas fields of Siberia and the north with Asia.

The production and distribution of gas is done by the US, Australia, and Qatar. Billions of dollars are spent on plants and fleets that deliver huge volumes of gas safely. A non-toxic liquid that is easy to store and transport is the result of the cooling process.

The equivalent of three day's gas flow from Russia's biggest gas European line can be delivered by one ship. They cross the oceans on a daily basis.

The rest of Europe is building more than one terminal for liquified natural gas. Russian oil and coal are not allowed by law. Nuclear facilities in France and Germany are being enlarged and the Germans are burning coal again.

Europeans have signed huge natural gas contracts with Algeria, Saudi Arabia, and Azerbaijan, as well as with the United States, Australia, and Norway.

The former German chancellor said that Putin is ready for talks.

European countries are imposing strict restrictions on industry and individuals in order to get through the winter because of Putin's threat to stop gas. Europe will transition to a post- Russia energy situation in the future.

Putin's energy deal with China is not worth the paper it was written on. Costs, distances, terrain and construction challenges have all scuttled dreams of a vast amount of gas transiting through Siberia.

The cost of shipping liquified natural gas from the United States, Australia, or the Middle East to China and Asia isn't viable.

The Power of Siberia 2 is the most ambitious of the pivots. The fields in West Siberia give Europe and China access to each other. It was thought that the line would allow Moscow to manipulate the markets of Europe and Asia like a dictator. He wanted to use gas markets as a weapon.

Even if the link could be completed, it would not match the volumes of the European market. China would drive a hard bargain because it knew that Russia was too dependent on it. Russia isn't a trustworthy partner, neighbor, supplier or customer until there's a regime change.

Russia is a war machine because it is a commodity based economy. The Russians have left since he took power. Manufacturing or technology has been a failure. Russia was the world's leading exporter of natural gas by the year 2021, followed by the US.

Putin's companies are finding it hard to sell their products outside Europe. Russia's ability to negotiate with China and India has been devastated by its isolation from the West.

The price of Russian crude oil has fallen from a premium of $1.50 a barrel to a discount of $25.80 a barrel.

From the beginning, his plan was flawed. He doesn't belong in a palace or in charge of a country with a nuclear arsenal. The Cold War was revived by him. He weaponized trade with a plan to place all his eggs in Europe, then hold it hostage and force it to accept whatever peace deal he wanted to offer toUkraine.

NATO was strengthened because of his actions. Europe and the world have only one chance to defeat Putin.

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