Vermeil receives a warm welcome into the Hall of Fame (1:15)

Kurt Warner told Dick Vermeil that he had been elected to the Hall of Fame. There is a break between 1:45 and 1:45.

The new members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame will be inducted on August 6th.

The ceremony will be shown on two networks.

Six players are on the list, including an offensive tackle, a wide receiver, and a safety. The first official to enter the Hall will be Art McNally.

Mills was a modern-era candidate in the last year of eligibility. They were all in their 16th year of eligibility. In the last four years, no one with first year eligibility was selected.

Each member of the class is being profiled.

'He is truly a great man': Jacksonville Jaguars' Tony Boselli overwhelmed by HOF message from dad

Tony Boselli Sr. didn't live long enough to see his son make it to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but "Big Tony" recorded a congratulatory message for "Little Tony" before he died. Courtesy of Jennifer Wright

Tony's father did not live long enough to see his son make the Hall of Fame, but he did record a message for him before he died. Tony will watch his dad's part in the video just before the Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremony on Saturday. You can read more.

'He was a trendsetter': Why Art McNally will be the first official enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Art McNally, left, seen here before a 1976 divisional playoff game, made a huge impact on the NFL, but he did it while trying to draw as little attention to himself as possible. His legacy, however, speaks volumes. Michael Zagaris/Getty Images

The best day for football officials is when nobody notices them. He said that their job is to perform in a way that no one will know you're there. His legacy includes instant replay and other advances, but he isn't as well known as other football pioneers. You can read more.

Dick Vermeil's 'burnout' turned into an unconventional Hall of Fame career

Dick Vermeil's St. Louis Rams -- nicknamed "The Greatest Show On Turf" -- won Super Bowl XXXIV. Focus on Sport/Getty Images

When he retired from football at 46 years old, he seemed to be eroding. The game had changed when he came back to coach. You can read more.

'He looked like he belonged -- and he did': How underdog Sam Mills became a Hall of Famer

"The first guy I thought of to be the face of the franchise and set the tone for what I wanted our team to be like and look like was Sam,'' former Carolina Panthers coach Dom Capers, the first coach for the franchise, said of Sam Mills. George Gojkovich/Getty Images

Mills' path to the NFL was not a normal one, but he carved out his path on and off the field. You can read more.

Packers great LeRoy Butler earned HOF nod with patience, perseverance

LeRoy Butler originated the Lambeau Leap when he jumped into the south end zone stands on Dec. 26, 1993, after he scored on a fumble return. A statue of the celebration was built in front of Lambeau Field in 2014. Courtesy of Rob Demovsky

The story of the originator of the Lambeau Leap is not limited to him. The Hall of Fame résumé is its own thing. You can read more.

Raiders receiver Cliff Branch's impact went far beyond world-class speed

Cliff Branch was a three-time All-Pro and retired as the NFL's most prolific receiver in the postseason. Focus On Sport/Getty Images

It was important to find out if he was a track man or a football player. Branch's ability to become a complete receiver was what made him a dominant force in the 1970s and '80s. You can read more.

Why six former rivals campaigned 49ers' Bryant Young into Hall


Bryant Young was surprised by the news that he had been elected to the Hall of Fame.

Young became a member of the Hall of Fame after nine years of waiting. It was gratifying to hear what they had to say. You can read more.

How Richard Seymour's versatility, values made him an underrated Patriots force

Richard Seymour was named first-team All-Pro three times and made seven Pro Bowls in 12 NFL seasons. AP Photo/Julie Jacobson

New England's first three title teams were fueled by his leadership and dominance on the defensive line. We could place Richard anywhere and make him successful. That's how you win titles when you have that type of talent and dominance. You can read more.