Etihad Airways parked its 10 Airbus A380s during the pandemic, and its CEO said they’d likely never fly again. That’s sad because their best passenger experience was on this aircraft. Indeed, many airlines had their best seats and amenities on the world’s largest passenger jet.

It is possible that the aircraft will fly again under the Etihad brand, but only if certain market conditions are met.

He said that the plan to bring back the A380 would only be a stopgap until the carrier takes delivery of new widebody aircraft. There are no first class cabins on their A350s.

There is a report that they will bring back 3 A380s next year.


Etihad Airways are expected to bring back 3 Airbus A380s. Initially in the first 12 months, they will flying to the following destinations;

London Heathrow 5x weekly Sydney 3x weekly

Paris 2x weekly