European policymakers assured the world for a long time that the transition to green energy was the world's preordained future.

Many EU governments followed the advice of green experts. They want to shut down coal, natural gas, and nuclear power plants as soon as possible.

Most citizens were afraid to object that in cloudy, cold Germany solar panels were not viable methods of electrical generation, especially in comparison to the country's large, model nuclear power industry.

German government officials warn that families will have to burn wood to survive the cold in the 19th century. There is more talk of "warm rooms," where the elderly will congregate in a heated room to stay alive.

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SriLanka may be the first modern nation to adopt policies that have led to mass hunger. The government listened to foreign advocates of back to nature organic farming, specifically abandonment of highly effective synthetic pesticides.

Crop failures were endemic. Cash crops couldn't be exported. There was a lot of hunger following. Food and fuel can't be imported without foreign exchange.

India had a per capita income that was two times that of Sri Lankans. It can't feed itself anymore.

Foreign experts were trusted by the incompetent government. In order to become the woke darling of the "environmental, social, governance" movement, Sri Lanka needed to draw in unlimited Western woke investment.

It has adopted a policy of national suicide.

A group of 55 pro-administration economists assured us that President Joe Biden's massive borrowing was not inflationary. In September 2021, these economists declared that Biden's policies wouldease inflation.

Inflation went up to an annual rate of 9% last month.

In order to convince Americans of the absurdity of inflating the money supply, spiking new government spending, incentivizing labor nonparticipation, and keeping interest rates artificially low, these economists have lent their prestige.

The Taliban takeover was not a foregone conclusion according to Gen. Mark Milley. He claimed that 34 provincial capitals were still in the Afghan government's possession.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin approved. The Afghan government fell within a month. The American military fled in the most ignominious way. Biden had said that a Taliban victory after the Americans left was very unlikely.

The lurid contents of Hunter Biden's lost laptop were revealed on the eve of the 2020 election. The Biden family was accused of using millions of dollars from foreign people to get access to Joe Biden.

Fifty retired intelligence officers swore that the laptop could be the result of Russian misinformation. Hunter Biden never denied the lost laptop was his, even though he apologized for their election-driven dissimulation.

Some 1,200 medical and health professionals signed a petition at the height of the 2020 enforced quark and lock downs to argue that thousands of left-wing protesters should be exempt from the very quark they had insisted on for others.

The experts said denying tens of thousands of the right to protest in the street was a bigger health threat than COVID-19.

The director of the FBI pursued the fake news. Christopher Steele was hired by him to give the FBI information from hisfantasydod.

On more than 200 occasions before Congress, the FBI director swore that he couldn't remember or had no knowledge of the questions asked of him.

The FBI's interim director lied to federal officials four times. Robert Muller, the special counsel and former FBI Director, swore under oath that he didn't know anything about the Steele dossier or FusionGPS. The FBI lawyer altered a federal court document to try to convict an innocent suspect.

The depressing examples all have one thing in common: elite experts and degreed professionals are more interested in serving their masters than the truth.

They wreaked havoc on their country and fellow citizens. They ruined their profession. The scientific community was damaged by them. They sold their souls to the right people.

The Western public has lost confidence in their elites.

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