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KimKardashian and Pete Davidson are no longer together. The celebrity website has confirmed.

According to sources close to the couple, the pair decided to end their relationship because they couldn't keep up with each other.

Pete was spending a lot of time down in Australia, where he's filming a movie, and Kim was balancing traveling and working around the world while raising her 4 kids.

Kim traveled to Australia to see Pete after some time apart, but it's not clear if that's when the two decided to end their relationship or if it was more recent.

The story was broken by the gossip website. Kim and Pete were first seen together at a farm in L.A. Kim and Pete went to one of Pete's local places to eat pizza and pasta.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson -- Boatin' In The Bahamas Backgrid

The relationship seemed to take off after that, the two took vacations together, and were constantly jetting coast to coast to spend weekends in L.A.

Kim and Pete made their red carpet debut together.

While we haven't seen them together in a while, Kim recently posted a set of pics of her and Pete, seemingly reminding the world they were still a thing.

Sources have told us that Kim and West are getting along, even though their divorce is still going forward. It is highly unlikely that they would ever get back together again.