It was obvious that Jon Stewart was angry at Rick Scott.

Last week, Republican senators flipped their votes and blocked the passage of legislation to help veterans exposed to toxins from burn pits during military service after Democrats reached a deal on a massive climate and economic bill.

Scott was one of 25 Republican senators who changed their minds. They all voted for the same bill. Less than an hour after the deal was announced, they changed their minds.

It was the kind of move that makes politicians angry.

It was Scott who drew the most disdain from Stewart.

Scott voted against the bill designed to aid veterans fighting diseases they believe are linked to their service after he posted a photo of himself making care packages for service members.

It’s ‘cowardice’

Stewart ripped him for it during a nine-minute rant that went online.

As he stood before the Capitol after the vote, Stewart said that there was a beautiful picture of him with a package.

He asked the supporters if they got the package. I think it has M&Ms in it. I'm not sure. I have been coming down here for over a decade. I know how to lie. I know how to be hypocritical. I'm used to being afraid.

He said that he was not used to the kind of treatment he was getting.

Republicans said that Democrats were trying to distract the public from the fact that there was a dispute over which portion of the federal budget would fund veterans health programs.

That didn't work out in the end. The Republicans ceased to exist. The bill passed on Tuesday. There was nothing different in it. Scott was the one to vote for it.

Marco Rubio is up for reelection in the fall and he voted for the bill every time. He and Gillibrand introduced a veterans healthcare bill last year.

Another tweet

We reached out to Scott's office to inquire about his flip-flops, but we were directed to one of the senator's social media accounts, where he said, "Our veterans sacrifice so much to protect our freedom and keep us safe." Critical funding and support for those exposed to toxic environments, like burn pits, during service is provided by the PACT Act.

It's not an explanation and it's not a full explanation.

He is a veteran. He was a sailor in 1970. We will give him the benefit of assuming that he really believes that military veterans deserve the care this bill will give. Stewart's broadside was correct. It exposed the kind of double dealing that could make people question an elected official's values.

The Senate voted on the bill. That is wonderful. Veterans who put their lives on the line for us shouldn't have to worry about getting the healthcare they need.

You shouldn't have made it so difficult.