Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones attempts to answer questions about his emails asked by Mark Bankston, lawyer for Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, during trial at the Travis County Courthouse in Austin, Wednesday Aug. 3, 2022.
Alex Jones was ordered to pay $4.1 billion in damages to some of the Sandy Hook families.Briana Sanchez/Austin American-Statesman via AP, Pool
  • Alex Jones was ordered to pay damages to the Sandy Hook parents.

  • Jones said his testimony made the jury decide.

  • Jones asked his supporters to buy t-shirts and books to keep the show going.

Alex Jones was ordered to pay $4.1 million to the parents of a victim of the Sandy Hook massacre.

Jones is going through the first phase of his trial. The parents of the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre are going to have a trial to determine how much Jones owes them.

The parents of Jesse Lewis, who was killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, were awarded $4.1 million by Jones. This was less than what the parents wanted. The jury was asked to make Jones pay no more than $8.

I admitted I made a mistake. Jones said in the video that he made a mistake. It's not on purpose. I made an apology to the families. I didn't do it on purpose and the jury understood that.

I trust God. The truth will come out. At the end of the day, I don't have all the money they say I have. This is still a big win for truth.

Jones thinks his testimony woke the jury up to new facts, which is why the damages were lower than the parents wanted.

He appealed to his supporters to buy products from the store in order to help him out.

Jones said in the video that the show was close to being shut down because of its finances.

He told them to get a shirt and a book.

The parent company of Jones'Infowars filed for bankruptcy in July. In April, three companies owned by Jones, including Infowars, Prison Planet TV, and IW Health, filed for Chapter 11 reorganization. "Do or die time" is what Jones called it when he hawked merchandise to his supporters.

According to legal experts, Jones may be trying to avoid paying the Sandy Hook parents. Jones was cut off by the judge while he was trying to convince her that a $2 million penalty would ruin his show.

During the trial phase, Jones learned that his attorney messed up and sent his phone records to the other side.

TheInfowars host was berated by the judge on more than one occasion while his attorney engaged in a courtroom spat.

A lawyer for Jones didn't reply immediately.

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