The jury in Texas found that Alex Jones must pay the family of a 6-year-old boy killed in the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School $4.1 million in compensation for defamation.

For the past decade, Neil Heslin and his wife have been harassed by Jones and his company Free Speech Systems because they spread a conspiracy theory about the attack that killed their son and 19 other children.

The jury was considering compensation charges, and Jones' lawyers argued that he should pay one dollar for each of them.

Each parent was awarded over $1 million for past mental anguish and $500,000 for future anguish as a result of Jones's defamation claims. Heslin was awarded an additional $110,000 for past and future damage to his reputation after Infowars aired two reports questioning a statement he made in an interview with Megyn Kelly that he held his dead son and saw the shot wound to his head after the shooting.

Neil Heslin holds his hand to his mouth as he pauses during courtroom testimony.
Neil Heslin pauses during his testimony against Alex Jones in Austin, Texas, on Tuesday. (Briana Sanchez/Pool via Reuters)

After more than seven hours of deliberations, the jury returned a verdict in the case of Infowars. The minimum number needed for a decision was reached by ten of the 12 jurors.

When the verdict was returned, Jones wasn't in the courtroom.

The jury was told to come back Friday when it will consider the damages in the case.

During the two week trial, Gamble admonished Jones for speaking out of turn and going off on topics during his testimony.

The judge told Jones multiple times that this was not his show.

During Wednesday's cross-examination, Jones was asked about an image broadcasted by Infowars showing Gamble and a judge overseeing a separate case against him.

Jones was asked if he was serious about the trial.

Jones thinks this is serious as cancer.

Jones, the only witness called by his defense team, wanted to portray himself as a victim who had been "typecast" as a liar after he claimed the shooting was staged.

Jones said that it's real.

Jones listens during cross-examination at his defamation trial Wednesday. (Briana Sanchez/Pool via Reuters)

Jones made a baseless caveat to his concession later in his testimony.

I think it happened. He thinks it was a cover-up. The FBI was aware of it happening.

They told the jury that false claims made by Jones and his guests have made their lives miserable.

Heslin said that Alex started the fire. Some people added wood to it.

People inspired by Jones have made death threats to Heslin and Lewis. Someone shouted Jones's name and shot at his home.

The parents have been in Texas for the trial and have gone into isolation with a round-the-clock security detail, according to their lawyer.

Both parents suffer from a form of post-traumatic stress disorder, according to a Psychiatrist hired by the lawsuit. They sleep with weapons by their bed and don't turn on their air-conditioning because they don't want to hear anything dangerous.

Heslin woke up with panic attacks. A few weeks ago, I was in the hospital.

Scarlett Lewis at the Travis County Courthouse on Tuesday. (Briana Sanchez/Pool via Reuters)

Wolfgang Halbig, a Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist and guest on "Infowars", asked for detailed answers to 51 questions about Jesse Lewis's death.

She said that they tried to process the death of a child. You cannot process this.

Lewis spoke directly to Jones.

Lewis saidJesse was real. I am a mother.

There were three defamation cases against Jones stemming from his portrayal of the Sandy Hook massacre as a hoax.

jury selection began earlier this week in Connecticut in a separate trial to determine how much Jones must pay the families of eight of the victims and an FBI agent for his false claims Jones's attorneys requested that the trial be delayed after Free Speech Systems filed for Chapter 11.

Mark Bankston asks Alex Jones about his emails and texts on Wednesday. (Briana Sanchez/Pool via Reuters)

The House select committee is looking into the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Jones' lawyers accidentally sent two years of text messages from his cellphone to Bankston while he was on the witness stand.

According to Bankston, the committee has requested the text messages and related documents, and that he will turn them over if he is told not to.

Jones's attorneys will be given time to research whether they have a legal argument to stop the committee from getting his text messages.