Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) sits on a throne of humans.

It occurred out of the blue. It would have been understandable if they had missed it. I was completely engrossed in a new season of Westworld in that moment.

Westworld has been almost out of obligation for the past few years. I enjoyed the first season but was left cold and confused by the second and third seasons. I was not excited for the fourth season because I have been watching it for a long time. I realized recently that I was no longer watching out for obligations. I was looking at something that wasn't enjoyable. I almost couldn't believe that the show had gotten better.

As season four began, that wasn't the feeling. Everything seemed different at the beginning of the season. It felt like the show had completely changed. Is that related to something that happened in the third season? The third season was so dense, weird, and confusing that it was hard to remember what happened. We had characters that we didn't know anything about. There were characters who were dead and alive at one point. Westworld is known for bringing characters back, but this just felt different. The first few episodes of the show felt like the first season, with new characters but not many. It's intriguing but also engaging.

evan rachel wood and james marsden reunite.

There isn't a maze in the fourth season. There will be no more parks. There was a park for a short time, but it wasn't clear how it would fit into this season or when the story was taking place. Westworld season four felt different at a certain point in the fifth episode. It was not the same thing that happened before. I will ruin the big mystery to make a point here.

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The show was about humans going to a park to interact with artificially intelligent machines, but they have now taken over the human world and made it their park. Humans and machines are not the same thing. The machines run the show. The show used to be about machines trying to figure out their place among humans, but now it's about humans trying to liberate themselves from the machines. It is amazing.