You done messed up A-aron!

The world is a hard place. It is hard to get through an hour without something hitting you and covering you in a heavy coat. Almost no one can escape it. No one with a small amount of morals or conscience.

To get through the grind, you pick things that will happen in the future. Maybe it is a party for friends. Maybe you would like to see a show in a few weeks. You have tickets to a game. Whatever the date is, it's a big one. You might get something on a nightly basis or every once in a while. It might be possible to ride that feeling out for a few days. There are some things that work that way.

I will have to get rid of my one, because Rodgers has said that he couldn't find self-love without DMT.

It seems odd that Rodgers is talking about self-love when there are few people more in love with the sound of their own voice than Rodgers. Maybe he did it to protect himself. Rodgers knows how to maintain a facade. There are people who have had cognitive problems who can benefit from the use of drugs.

I can't be associated with the mayor of Dipshitville. I don't want to be near him if he's doing drugs. Rent is about to go up and I'm not in the right place. It was a shame I wouldn't be able to break down a Cole Hamels trade in the 40 minutes I had left. I tried not to laugh at my friends for more than 15 seconds at a time so they wouldn't get uncomfortable. It's possible that a guitar solo is happening or not. I am sad to see them go.

Rodgers ruins everything. It is similar to Musk saying he likes your favorite band, except Rodgers is good at some things. The people who made fun of you for listening to Pearl Jam are now listening to the band. The whole thing is not going to work.

I need to find a new thing. Is cocaine still a good thing?


The Oneil Cruz missile traveled some 430 feet in the time it took to clip a toenail.

Baseball players are happy. More teams don't like them.