Joaquin Phoenix in Joker.
Screenshot: Joker

October 4th, 2024 is when the sequel to the Oscar-winning movie will be released. The director confirmed the release date in a post on his social media accounts. Lady Gaga, who won an Oscar for her performance in the first movie, will join the cast of the sequel.

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The post doesn't reveal who Gaga might play, but there is a chance she could play Harley Quinn. Gaga is a logical fit for the film since it is rumored to incorporate more musical elements. The sequel was going to be called "Joker: Folie Deux" and it was going to be called "madness for two".

The success of the movie at the box office and the Academy Awards made a sequel obvious. The Warner Bros. films based on DC Comics have had a rough time. Last year's The Suicide Squad flopped at the box office even though it was widely considered to be a success, and this year's The Batman was a flop despite being a success.

In December, production on the sequel will begin, according to the report.

Lady Gaga has been cast in the movie and it will be released on August 4th.