Manchin said that he and Sinema had been discussing the Inflation Reduction Act and that she would eventually make her own decision.

Manchin talked about the discussion on MSNBC.

He said that they had a nice conversation and that she understood where they were coming from.

Manchin said that Sinema has done her due diligence and that she is a friend.

She will make her own decision when she looks at all of this. There's a lot of good things in there, and she's working hard on a lot of the issues that we're talking about.

We're talking, but we have to see how it goes.

Manchin was asked if he would appeal to the GOP if Sinema votes against the bill.

Manchin said that he talked to his friends from the beginning.

Manchin admitted that he couldn't change his GOP colleagues' minds.

Manchin said that he couldn't get their vote because Republicans wouldn't budge on the issue of corporate taxes. I cannot convince them to change that.

After cutting a surprise deal with Schumer, Manchin has been pushing for the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act.

The GOP is counting on Sinema to reject the bill becauseMitch McConnell and others objected to it.

Before the $790 billion legislation is passed in the Senate, Manchin and Sinema will likely have to discuss her objections to closing a tax loophole for rich Americans. The loophole is the result of Sinema's disagreement with efforts to eliminate carried interest.

Manchin said he would try to get Sinema to support the legislation. On August 3, he was seen crouching in front of Sinema's desk and speaking to her on the Senate floor.