Aug 3, 2022

It was a big day for the football team.

Tom Brady was the biggest of all of them. Many people were paying tribute to the goat on social media.

Rodgers was asked at the end of his news conference if he will still be playing when he's 45.

Rodgers smiled and said, "No, no, but happy birthday, Tom."

Brady's birthday was not the only important one. Wilson had his best practice of the year on his birthday.

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The other players who celebrated on Aug. 3 were Los Angeles Chargers safety Derwin James and Kansas City Chiefs running back Ronald Jones.

Don't look now but there is a game on Thursday. The Jacksonville and Las Vegas Raiders will play each other in the Hall of Fame game.

Back to work Wednesday. rookies stood out while others stood close and listened while being taught by legendary vets Some of the teams took the day off.

You need to know what to expect from the camps.

What our NFL Nation reporters saw today

Adam Dedeaux is the quarterback coach for Lamar Jackson. Jackson talks to Dedeaux a lot during practice.

Greg Roman said that the Ravens felt very lucky. We can do anything we can to help. Adam is a strength for us. I like to talk football with him. We'll discuss quarterback play and techniques after the meetings tonight. He's a great guy to have around. Jackson completed 25 of 33 passes.

In the one week since the Niners opened camp, one player has looked particularly ready to make a big leap in his third season.

Aiyuk got two feet down for a touchdown in the back of the end zone, after catching a touchdown pass from backup quarterback Nathan Sudfeld, in the second quarter. He tapped his feet down after catching another touchdown catch. He came down with a deep ball against his opponent. Aiyuk has earned the respect of his teammates by making the same plays.

"He's having a great camp right now," Ward said. He is having the best camp out of everyone on the team. Nick Bosa is also included. I am not saying that BA is taking his game to a whole new level. It's insane.

It's no surprise that Aiyuk is making an impact since he worked with Lance in Southern California during the off-season. He could challenge George Kittle and Deebo Samuel to be the team's most productive pass catcher.

The Broncos will have to find a new wide receiver. Patrick will not be able to play in the regular season due to an injured right knee.

Patrick's ability to get open in the red zone and his willingness to lead will be missed by the Broncos.

"I need to see him on Wednesday,'' said Nathaniel Hackett. He was trying to take a moment which I respected. There was an opportunity for someone to step up when I saw him.

Montrell Washington, a fifth-round pick who is already in line to be the team's kickoff and punt returner, has shown he could be ready for more duty as a wide receiver more quickly than expected.

Washington has shown he has the speed to win the ball on deep routes, despite his small stature, and he has competed for the tough catches. The Broncos will get some snaps for him in the offense if that happens.

The wide receiver returned to practice after sitting out the previous three days. Samuel's career in Washington has been marred by starting and stopping. Samuel played in just five games last year due to injuries. Samuel was out of practices this spring because of a problem with his left leg. Washington coach Ron Rivera wants to be smart with him and make sure he's back in football shape. Samuel caught several passes on screens or underneath throws in full team work. When Samuel worked with trainers, he continued to cut sharply. Samuel was aligned on the same side with rookies Jahan Dotson and Terry McLaurin, providing a fast and diverse trio for defense to cover. If Samuel stays on the field, Washington's offense will improve.

The day of rest seems to have worked. Kenny Golladay had his best day of training camp after he spent most of the previous day watching. In 1-on-1 drills, Golladay beat Jackson for a long touchdown, despite not scoring a touchdown in his first season with the Giants. In his most active day of the summer, he caught three passes. For the second year in a row, Golladay wasn't moving well in camp. There were a lot of injuries last year. "I think this year is a little bit better as far as the training staff, strength staff and coaching staff taking care of our bodies and us as players doing the right thing on and off the field." The extra day of rest seemed to pay dividends.

With the season-ending injury toVincent Taylor, there are opportunities on the Falcons' defensive line rotation. The third-year pro, who was kicked out of Saturday's practice for throwing a punch, has gotten some first-team reps. As training camp moves on at one of the more intriguing positions, there will be an interesting battle.

In a slower-tempo practice not held in full pads, quarterback Mac Jones flashed a hand signal to receiver DeVanteParker before the snap, and then threw a pass in his direction that was picked off by CB Terrance Mitchell. As Jones' throw indicated, he was expecting a different type of route, it looked like there was a breakdown in communication between the two. This was an example of how difficult the offense has been so far in camp. Jones has 888-492-0'd his fourth in camp.

The Chiefs continued to sort through a deep group of running backs with a physical practice that included an extended period devoted to the running game. Each of the five runners had at least one run in the period. When it comes time to trim the roster, the Chiefs face a difficult decision because they have another running back in Jerick McKinnon who is also a receiver. There is a chance that the Chiefs will keep four backs.

It was assumed that Ekwonu would be the left tackle when he was drafted. The job has been held by the third-round pick who gained the staff's confidence last season because of the way he played in the final two games. It was obvious that Christensen had a decided edge over Ekwonu in the pass-rush drills that took place on Wednesday. Don't be surprised if the former left tackle gets the nod for the opener. Coach Matt Rhule said that Ekwonu has a long way to go. He does a lot of things in a natural way. He is incredibly powerful and talented. There is much to this game. He isn't done yet. He will get there, but he has to work.

If it's difficult for Christian to sit back and watch his teammate get all the attention, he's not letting on. The photo was taken after a play in practice. We're going to celebrate each other's success. The Packers' second-round pick, who had knee surgery this summer, admitted that it has taken its toll. It's frustrating, but I've tried not to let that affect me. The praise continues for the fourth-round pick. "He has had at least one 'WOW' play for him every day," Rodgers said. That is rare for a young man like that. Some guys have done that over the years, but they are all in the top 10 in the Packers' receiving history. Good start for him.

As he waits for an agreement on a contract extension, safety Derwin James has held a hold-in for seven days. The coach said there was no update on James. Over the last two practices, safety Nasir Adderley has been in the spotlight, intercepting passes from quarterbacks. He took a really big time break. "Great play, Adderley's interception off Daniel, which involved a diving effort, and ended in a scary collision with Maurice Ffrench, who remained on the grass for several minutes before standing up." Afterwards, he said he was OK. "I told you guys at the end of minicamp that he was a real bright spot, and I thought he was a really good player," he said. Lindsey Thiry said he was flashing in the run game and passing game.

The safety missed the first week of training camp due to a personal matter, but returned on Wednesday. He stayed out of 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills as part of the process to get his conditioning back up. Michael Thomas participated in 7-on-7 drills for the first time after missing last season due to an ankle injury. The 7-on-7 session began with Jameis Winston throwing the ball to Thomas, who made a couple of nice catches. The next set up 7-on-7 drills were started by Thomas, who finished the day 3-for-3.

Top NFL news of the day

The assistant says that Stephen Ross never made it to field.

Stephen Ross' beliefs about the team's draft position didn't make it to the football field. Eric Studesville, the Dolphins' running backs coach, said that the team's directive during the season was not questioned. Studesville said that the goal has always been to win football games and prepare for them.

There is more.

  • Brown was charged with speeding.

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