It was updated on August 2, 2022.

The Associated Press projected that Eric Schmitt would be the Republican nominee for the open Senate seat in Missouri.

Supreme Court Hears Challenge To Trump-Era ″Remain In Mexico″ Policy

In front of the Supreme Court, the Attorney General of Missouri spoke to reporters.

Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The race was called by the AP at 10PM. On Tuesday

Schmitt led the field with 44.8% of the vote, followed by Hartzler at 23.1%, Greitens at 19.5% and Billy Long at 3.9%.

Republicans are widely believed to have an edge in the race, though they still need to win the Democratic nomination.

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The endorsement was highly sought-after in the Missouri race, but the former president baffled many observers by saying he trusts voters to make up their own minds, before declaring that he had his complete and total endorsement. A Trump spokesman told NBC News that the statement speaks for itself, as both Schmitt and Greitens claimed to have Trump's support. After hours of lobbying by Donald Trump Jr., his fiancée and the GOP chair, Trump endorsed both candidates.

Key Background

The campaign promoted his track record as Missouri attorney general, which included a lawsuit against the Biden Administration for canceling the tar sands project, as well as a lawsuit against China for Covid-19. While Hartzler drew on her 11 years in Congress and her endorsement from Sen. Josh Hawley, Greitens positioned himself as a hardliner eager to hunt politicians. The Senate race was a chance for Greitens to save his career after he resigned as governor amid a cloud of scandal, including allegations he coerced a woman into having sex with him and threatened to release nude photos if she revealed their relationship During the campaign, Greitens was accused of violent behavior by his ex- wife, which led both Hartzler and Schmitt to call him unsuitable for office.

In the wild Bedminster lobbying spree that led to Trump's endorsement.