There were a lot of trades in the 48 hours before the deadline. On Tuesday, Juan Soto was sent to the San Diego Padres.

While no other deal compares to the star power of the Soto trade, the Padres weren't the only contender to make major improvements before the deadline.

Here is our reaction to completed deals and what to know for every team.

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There are grades for every trade deadline deal in baseball.

Completed trade tracker

The Orioles got outfielders from the other team.

The Baltimore Orioles received cash from the trade ofPhillips to theTampa BayRays. There is a story.

Rosenthal was acquired from the Giants.

Rosenthal was traded from the Giants to the Brewers. There is a story.

A deal for Iglesias adds to the BravesTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkias

Iglesias has been traded from the Angels to the Braves, according to a source. There is a story.

Merrifield was going to the BlueJays.

According to sources, Merrifield has been traded from the Royals to the BlueJays. There is a story in grades 1-8.

Montgomery was sent to theCardinals.

The Yankees are sending pitcher Jordan Montgomery to the Cards. There is a story in grades 1-8.

The deal bolsters the rotation for the Phils.

According to sources, the Phillies are close to acquiring right-handed pitcher Noah Syndergaard from the Angels. There is a story in grades 1-8.

Another pitcher is going to come from Minnesota.

The Twins are acquiring a pitcher.

The trade between the Dodgers and the Mariners is completed.

Jake Lamb was traded from the Dodgers to the Mariners for a player to be named later or cash considerations.

In the trade for Ruf, the Mets have a new designated hitter.

In exchange for Ruf, the Mets got J.D. Davis and three pitching prospects. There is a story.

Is the Padres done?

According to sources, the San Diego Padres are trading for Brandon Drury. There is a story.

The Twins add to their rotation.

According to sources, the Minnesota Twins are close to a deal to acquire right-handed pitcher Tyler Mahle from the Cincinnati Reds. There is a story in grades 1-8.

In a trade with the Angels, the Phils upgraded their outfield.

Philadelphia has acquired Robertson from the Cubs and Marsh from the Angels. There is a story in grades 1-8.


The Dodgers want to get out of Joey Gallo.

Eric Hosmer's contract is being taken on by the RedSox.

After Eric Hosmer rejected a deal to Washington, Boston swooped in and will get him from San Diego, according to sources. According to sources, San Diego will be paying a large amount of the remaining money on Hosmer's contract. There is a story in grades 1-8.

The Dodgers have a chance onJoey Gallo.

According to a source, the Dodgers are in agreement on a deal to acquire Joey Gallo from the Yankees. There is a story in grades 1-8.

Juan Soto is a blockbuster.

The San Diego Padres have acquired two players from the Washington Nationals. Some of the players are heading back to Washington. There is a story in grades 1-8.

Toronto and Miami are close to a deal.

According to sources, the Toronto BlueJays are close to a deal with the MiamiMarlins. Jordan Groshans is heading to Miami. A number of players are going to Toronto. There is a story.

The Orioles traded closers to the Twins.

According to sources, the Twins are close to completing a deal to acquire Lopez from the Baltimore Orioles. There is a story in grades 1-8.

Veteran pitchers are swapped by the Braves and Astros.

The Houston Astros have traded Jake Odorizzi to the Atlanta Braves. There is a story.

After Josh Hader left, the Brewers got some relief.

Sources tell Jeff Passan that relief pitcher Matt Bush and infielder Mark Mathias are headed to Milwaukee and Texas, respectively. There is a story.

The cards are added to the rotation.

According to sources, the St. Louis Cards are close to acquiring left-handed pitcher Jose Quintana from the Pittsburgh Pirates. There is a story in grades 1-8.

The deal with the Reds for Tommy Pham has been finalized.

According to sources, the Boston Red Sox are close to acquiring Tommy Pham from the Cincinnati Reds. There is a story in grades 1-8.

The catcher from the Astros is a RedSox player.

Sources tell Jeff Passan that the Houston Astros have acquired a catcher. There is a story in grades 1-8.

The Yankees got Montas in a deal with the A's.

The Yankees are acquiring Montas and Trivino from the A's. There is a story in grades 1-8.

The Padres have a deal with the Brewers.

According to sources, San Diego is sending the star closer, along with left-handed pitcher Robert Gasser, outfielder Esteury Ruiz, and right-handed pitcher Dinelson Lamet to Milwaukee. There is a story in grades 1-8.

In a trade with the O's, the Astros added a new player.

According to sources, the Houston Astros have acquired first baseman/outfielder There is a story in grades 1-8.

In a deal with the Cubs, the Yankees added to their relief corps.

In order to get Scott Effross from the Cubs, the Yankees had to get a minor leaguer. There is a story in grades 1-8.

The Braves have an in baseman.

The Braves have acquired in baseman Ehire Adrianza from the Nationals. Robinson Cano was assigned to Atlanta. There is a story.

The Giants picked up a player.

The San Francisco Giants have traded for a Cubs player. There is a story.

A deal has been made for the addition of an outfielder bat.

The Arizona outfielder was traded to the Tampa Bay. There is a story in grades 1-8.

The cards have pitching depth.

In exchange for Edmundo Sosa, theCardinals have acquired left-handed pitcher JoJoRomero.

The Dodgers got relief assistance in the trade with the Cubs.

According to sources, the Dodgers traded for Chris Martin, a right-handed relief pitcher for the Cubs. There is a story.

Luis Castillo was traded to the Reds.

The Reds traded star pitcher Luis Castillo to the Mariners in exchange for other minor leaguers. There is a story in grades 1-8.

The Mets acquired Tyler Naquin and Phillip Diehl from the Reds.

The Mets acquired another outfielder and aReliever from the Reds. There is a story.

The Yankees have acquired Andrew Benintendi.

The Yankees added an All-Star to their outfielder. There is a story in grades 1-8.

The Mets have a player on their books.

In a deal with the Pirates, the Mets got much-needed help in the form of designated hitters. There is a story.

Carlos Santana was acquired by the Mariners.

A veteran bat was added by Seattle. There is a story in grades 1-8.

MLB trade deadline buzz

August 2th updates.

The Cubs could make another move. The Chicago Cubs lineup is out less than two hours before the deadline and, surprise, Willosn and Ian are in it.

Juan Soto is still a National even though the MLB trade deadline is today. He will be dealt before the 6 p.m. There are still possibilities for the Padres, Dodgers andCardinals.

The 1st of August updates.

A source with knowledge of the situation said that major moves were not likely as of Monday afternoon. Most of the Marlins' most important players are locked in through at least next season, at which time they will once again try to contend for a playoff spot, and the offers haven't been good enough to justify moving core players.

Pablo Lopez is having an exceptional year and is controllable through the 2024 season. Lopez is the most logical player to be moved and the offers may get better with Luis Castillo and Frankie Montas off the board. The Marlins can easily keep Lopez and trade him in the off-season in order to find younger, proven offensive players.

Rivals don't think Cleveland will do massive upgrades at the deadline, but the Guardians have the farm system to do it. The agent of a minor league player suggested that they have enough to land Juan Soto if they really wanted him, but controllable pitchers and help on the edges is what they want. They're very young but still competing in a weak division, so some utility-type upgrades might be required.

Will the White Bears make a lineup change? A left-handed hitter who can play right field is what the White Socks are looking for. They were in on Tyler Naquin before he moved to New York, but they weren't involved in the David Peralta trade. Left fielder is where Peralta is located. There are a lot of those. An executive not associated with either team suggested a big league-for-big league trade, which involved a prospect for Joc Pederson. It would allow the Giants to keep competing while the White Bulls change their lineup. A left-handed hitter from the Rangers or the Cubs would be a good fit for the White Socks.

An industry source said that the Angels have been "dangling" Ohtani. The possibility of an Ohtani trade as a highly unlikely outcome over the weekend was viewed by two executives on teams that have previously been identified as potential landing spots.

The Angels can get a sense of what Ohtani's market looks like in order to better identify a strategy for the off-season. An Ohtani trade might end the idea of a rebuild for the Angels.

July 31 is the last day of the month.

With Carlos Rodon and Joc Pederson, the Giants are in an interesting position. They are close to the wild-card spot. Rodon will get more attention because of a lack of starting pitchers. If the Giants make a deal, they're looking for major-league ready help.

The Cubs have a wave of deals coming on the horizon, but they will likely happen in rapid-fire fashion as we move into the final hours before the deadline. Ian Happ would be under team control through the year 2023. The teams that are interested in him are more interested in him being a regular in the lineup than he is in being a part time catcher. Some of the teams are the Padres, Astros and the Rays.

Who is New Yorktargeting? The Yankees are trying to find a starting pitcher. There are people available, including Carlos Rodon.

Rival executives say the Padres are involved in a lot of conversations.

There is a trade on the horizon. Rival officials still think that Juan Soto will be dealt with before the deadline. A high-ranking executive puts the odds at 60-40 that he will be moved.

July 30th update.

The market is slower than normal according to two executives who are looking to add. Some organizations are in the hunt for the playoffs while others aren't looking to unload like they have done in the past. If Boston and San Francisco decided to subtract, that could change. As for the Cubs, they are keeping things close to the vest with an expectation that they will make a move on Monday or Tuesday. A lot depends on Juan Soto. The team that gets him will probably not make any other deals.

July 28th update.

The Braves are looking for a right-handed hitter to replace Adam Duvall, according to Rival executives. Ian Happ, Ramon Laureano, and Rob Refsnyder are some of the switch-hitters who are hitting against left-handed pitchers.

There is a leader in the race. The Padres are thought to be the front-runner for Juan Soto.

There is a leader in the race. They seem to be in on everyone. They are looking for bats and arms. The biggest fish of them all, Juan Soto, has been asked about. They're looking for the same things as every other team. Rival teams expect A.J. Preller to make a difference, but it's not clear which area of the team they'll improve on.

The Giants continue to convey to other teams that they aren't looking to deal away veterans yet, and at the moment, they intend to keep Carlos Rodon and Joc Pederson. Other teams are keeping a close eye on the Giants to see if they start dealing.

July 27th update.

According to sources, the Brewers are looking for a bat or arm at the deadline. Freddy Peralta's return could cause Milwaukee to look at relief pitchers instead of starting pitchers.

The Cubs setup man, Mychal Givens, is being looked at by multiple teams. After they kicked the tires on him, the White Sox could be a good fit for him. Both teams need middleRelievers Ryan Tepera and Craig Kimbrel were both traded from the crosstown rivals to the South Side of Chicago.

Six days remain until the trade deadline, and the Miami Marlins are five games below.500 and 412 games back of a playoff spot, with their star, Jazz Chisholm Jr., out for a lengthy stretch. The New York Post reported Tuesday that Kim Ng, the general manager of the Miami Marlins, would be willing to trade almost anyone in the organization. Her intentions wouldn't be to send the franchise into another rebuild but to acquire players who can fortify the 40-man roster in the future.

The man is asking for patience.

The unquestioned leader of the team, Jose Rojas, has been with the team for eight years and has seen a lot of change, most notably the aggressive rebuild that helped form the current core. The current team's struggles are a result of injury and under performance from players who should be better, and that it should be given a chance down the stretch, according to him. The Marlins acted aggressively in the off-season, signing two players and trading for two others. They need more time to work together.

All I want as a player is an opportunity. I'm not asking for a long period of time. It is not realistic. It's not possible to give up on a team when you know they have the potential to do something.

July 26th update.

The reason you should keep an eye on the team at the deadline is because they have made the playoffs in each of the past three seasons and have suffered devastating injuries in recent days. They have the ability to take on payroll before the trade deadline if they want to, but they will be looking for other position player help.

The fact that Juan Soto isn't tied to a long-term deal and that the teams have inquired about him means they could take a chance on him. For the team with limited resources, surrendering a massive haul of prospects for a player even as great as Soto represents enormous risk, and they are likely to be outbid for the hitter.

Cleveland has a deadline strategy. The Cleveland Guardians have two players who could be headed to free agency in the fall, catcher Austin Hedges and relief pitcher Bryan Shaw, and they could theoretically listen to offers. The promotion of Bo Naylor from Triple-A to the big leagues will require Hedges to help teach him. The Guardians are 312 games behind the Twins in the wild-card race, so they'll look for possible upgrades before the deadline, but probably not much.

July 25th update.

Is the Padres a good trade partner? Rival scouts and executives keep coming up with the idea of the Padres being a good fit for Juan. There is an immediate hole in their outfield, a desperate need for more offense, a clearly stated desire to contend immediately and the type of audacious GM who can pull this type of move off. C.J.Abrams and MacKenzie Gore are likely to be involved in the beginning of a deal.

There are two issues that remain for Preller. Does he have the organizational depth to add additional players and beat a deep pool of interested teams? What about the money component, both with the Padres' reported desire to shed payroll to stay below the luxury-tax threshold and with the Nats' possible desire to attach a bloated contract like that of Patrick Corbin.

Will the trade for Soto be prioritized over an ace by the Cards? The Cards might be mentioned as a suitor for Juan Soto, but they're focused on the task at hand. St. Louis added a starter or two for the second year in a row. Is Luis Castillo going to be traded by the Reds? It's possible that St. Louis could be a good fit.

Is the Dodgers going to have a big splash? It was Yu Darvish last year. It was the man in the picture in the year. It was Max and Trea Turner in 2020. Is Andrew Friedman moving in a big way? The Dodgers have been identified as an early suitor for Juan Soto due to the fact that they have the prospect capital and the financial might to lock him in with a record setting extension. Friedman is uncomfortable with the amount of young talent he has parted with in recent years and is likely to make an assortment of lower-tier moves for his pitchers. The Dodgers have a lot of questions in both their rotation and their relief corps, but also a lot of impact players making their way back. They should look for depth. They've shown for a while now that they're good at preventing runs.

Willson Contreras is likely to be moved by the August 2nd deadline. The Cubs have not offered him an extension. The All-Star starter could be looking for a new home.

Is the Angels going to trade Ohtani or build around him? Will the Angels entertain trade offers for Ohtani, a free agent after the 2023 season, or merely make moves on the margins in an effort to contend next season? The Angels have a lot of holes on their 40-man roster, and if it's the latter approach, look for the Angels to be aggressive in pursuit of major league players who are controllable at least through next year. Despite their approach, Noah Syndergaard will most likely be their most likely trade candidate, even if they don't extend him.

While Joe Kelly has been inconsistent for the White Sox this season, he is on pace to blow by his career high in appearances. As it tries to climb in the American League Central, Chicago is looking for deadline help from either side of the pitching staff.

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