It's difficult to move on.

Just ask UK-based IT engineer James Howells, who, almost a decade ago, accidentally threw away a hard drive containing over $170 million worth of Bitcoins.

The hard drive was mistakenly thrown away back in 2013; it was thought to hold about 8,000 Bitcoins.

If it even turns on, the hard drive is worth about $184 million.

He has been trying to get the Newport city council to allow him to comb through the trash at the landfill.

The council has once again rejected his search due to environmental concerns, despite the fact that he claimed to have secured funding and a top-notch, trash-digging team.

One Man's Trash

The most recent plea to the council outlined plans to incorporate artificial intelligence and robot dogs.

"We have a well-rounded team of various experts, with various expertise, which, when we all come together, are capable of completing this task to a very high standard," the IT tech said.

To make up for the lost revenue, Howells offered to give all residents of the town a one-time handout of $61 worth of digital currency.

That is dependent on the finding of the drive and discovering that it works. The outlook of the market is not as good as it used to be.

The city won't allow the team to dig up the landfill.

Managing the ecological risk to the site and the wider area is part of the plan. Mr. Howells' proposals are not allowed to be considered by our permit because they pose a significant ecological risk.

It's possible that the missing hard drive could fund the NewportCrypto hub.

The man woke his pregnant wife to tell her that he lost $100,000 on the digital currency.