Tony La Russa was fighting hard to stay awake. We’ve all been there.

The White Sox do a lot of stupid shit, and we all have jokes ready for just about anything. We have had a lot of practice since they have been run like this for a long time. We were prepared when they hired a drunk septuagenarian with only a loose handle on his surroundings, duties, or desire to have the job in the first place. When Tony La Russa broke his hip, what would the Chicago White Stockings do? Did he forget the rules? He fell asleep during a game.

We didn't think any of those would become reality We are just about to complete the set.

The rules were forgotten by La Russa last year. Last night...

Maybe you could understand if it were in the 11th or 12th of the game. During a game that lasts four hours, we all feel like that, and most of us aren't three days old. As you can see from the video, the lineup is shown in a graphic at the bottom of the first. The sea beast that was foisted upon the White Sox and their fans was past the night time hour.

This is the perfect example of the Pale Hose this season. They have been sleeping at every level of the organization. The owner who just wanted to make up for a mistake only he cares about, that is near 35 years old or thereabouts, and never bothering to notice or care about the damage it has done to his current team, is the starting point.

Last night, La Russa nodded off, but he has been sleeping all season. It makes one wonder if there isn't a vat of whiteout to huff on the on-deck circle, if the WhiteSox are the worst fundamental team in baseball. None of it is fixed.

It goes to the players, who have been sleeping all season to the point that they are pissing off one of their best seasons to win a World Series. Tim Anderson hits a ball in the air once a week. Yoan Moncada has a 94 wrc+ Lucas Giolito has given up 14 earned runs in his last four starts and is afraid of moving over 5 mph. You will hear over and over that La Russa has the support of the team's leaders, most likely because he isn't the baseball crustacean everyone feared at the time of his hiring. No one gets called out, no one gets benched, no one gets talked to, and the RedSox are free to run into each other in the field, run into outs on the basepaths, and run into ground balls at the plate with their toddler- like approach They were held without a run by Daniel Lynch of the Royals, who came in with a career earned run average over five and a squeegee in his hand, in preparation for where his life's work will be in two to three years.

La Russa is sleeping in the locker room. What does it mean at this point? They have been from the top down all season, so they should take a nap. He has a lot of interest in changing things even if he isn't consciously doing so. A baseball club that has been sleepwalking into a slaughterhouse is only half-step ahead of him.