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According to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, the Yankees are close to a deal to trade Joey Gallo to the Dodgers.

Jack Harris of the LA Times said a deal is done.

The Dodgers will send a pitcher to the Yankees.

Jon Heyman reported in April that the San Diego Padres discussed a Gallo trade. The Yankees were believed to have been looking for a return that was not his recent achievements.

San Diego's best offer might have been too good to pass up for the Bronx Bombers. Gallo's performance has only gotten worse since he was traded from the Texas Rangers.

He is not providing enough power to make up for how little he is getting on base. He has 12 home runs with a.339 batting average.

It was a good idea to add Gallo last summer. He boasted an.869 OPS in the first half of the season with the Rangers, but the short porch in right field at Yankee Stadium seemed to be a perfect fit for him.

A high fly ball that was caught by the right fielder was his first home run.

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Gallo hasn't made enough contact to hit dingers.

The free-swinging 28-year-old has always struck out at a high rate, but this year has been bad even by his standards. He's struck out in 38.6% of his plate appearances.

The opposing pitchers seem to have found a way to limit Gallo's power by throwing a lot of fast pitches up in the zone.

Lindsey Adler @lindseyadler

Pitch chart for 4-seam fastballs that generated a swing-and-miss from Joey Gallo this season. Starting to think the book is out on that one.

He had a.235 batting average and a.574 slugging percentage in 2021. The numbers are.185 and.412 in the year 2022.

Heyman reported in April that a scout said the Big Apple was a challenge for Gallo and that he got in his dome. Playing in New York City can bring out the best in some players, but that isn't true for everyone.

Gallo talked about the difficulties in an interview.

It was going to be very difficult to come here. It took a long time for people to understand the person. I struck out a lot early on. I was not normal. Rangers fans began to understand that this guy strikes out, but he hits homers, plays good defense and is a good person. The Rangers fans understood that. It doesn't matter what you're doing if you don't get enough hits. You are going to be torn apart by them. I've been playing Three True Outcomes for a long time. I didn't hit.300 my entire life. I have been a.200 hitter my entire life and I hit.160 here. I knew that New York was going to be a tough place for me to play in.

Los Angeles is betting that a change of scenery will help Gallo rebound.

If the partnership doesn't work out, the Dodgers can take a break in the off-season.